Frank Won Veto

The ZingBot again paid a visit to the Big Brother House today in an evening Veto Competition. Surprising the housguests and assaulting them with insult after insult, he led them outside to lend a hand in adding to his ZZZZing Family – with the introduction of Baby Bot.

With Frank again sleeping upstairs and holding the HOH title, he nominated Joe and Wil for eviction. The rest of the Veto players were Ashley, Boogie and Jenn, who were drawn from the bag, along with Shane who automatically plays after winning the Veto Ticket last week. Ian acted as the host along with ZingBot, his dream position after actually playing in a ZingBot Puzzle Challenge.

Frank once again came on top in the competition, proving himself one of the only major players in this game. Having nominated two targets: Wil – the social player who’s personality is infectious… or irritating, depending who you are, his likeability (and the fact that he hasn’t placated Boogie the way he expected); and Joe, the LOUD mouthed, tall tale telling, ‘Social Player’ (he hasn’t won a damn thing), only person in the house who voted to evict Frank, and current Have-Not Chef.

Both have different targets on their backs, including the fact that they’re in no way involved with the ‘power’ (small p) alliance of the Secret Six. As Frank now holds all the power and will not be forced to name a replacement nominee, the chances that he’ll use the Veto and potentially break up the alliance is small. He and Boogie seem to be content to play it out and not rock the boat if they don’t have to. After all, Frank can’t play for HOH next week.

That fact of course, will not erase the fact Wil and Joe will at least attempt to negotiate themselves off the block. It’ll be fun to watch and to see if Joe washes his hands before preparing any more works of culinary genius as an enticement to keep him.

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