Good Intentions

There is an old saying, that “the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” It isn’t often that a proverb can be used to describe a reality game show, but both of tonight’s evictions can certainly be tied to it. One eviction was somewhat expected, and the other was a blindside. However, both can be seen as originating from good intentions.

Two major players removed from the game in a short period of time will lead to drama, and from all reports tonight’s feeds following the live show lived up to that in spades. Had Daniele been the only power player to leave tonight, that alone would have created an interesting night. Add to that the defeat of Jeff (and the breakup of the last pair in the house), and all Hell has broken loose. Power has shifted, possibly for the rest of the game, and as a result we now have a new layout for the game.

Before that, we must look at the live show and Double Eviction. Daniele’s departure was certain once she became desperate enough to ask Rachel for a vote. Daniele’s game play had devolved into a mess by the end, and by the time she walked into Julie’s area she was a shadow of the player she seemed to be early in the season. That would have been huge on its own, but it was not the only loss of the night. Kalia’s HoH victory and Porsche’s Veto win sealed the fate of Dani’s biggest enemy in the house a mere 30 minutes later, and a shocked Jeff was on the couch talking to Julie about where things may have gone wrong.

Here, it has to be said- Kalia’s removal of Jeff from the game was the best move Kalia has made in the house, and the best possible move she could make at that point. An eviction of Rachel would have merely been clearing off a sidekick at best, and anyone else going up would have been a weak removal. By cutting off the head of the Veterans Alliance, she struck a possibly fatal blow to the chances of any veteran winning the entire game. Kalia made the tough call, and she won when she needed to do so- much like a certain blonde did two years ago. Kalia’s game is not entirely unlike Jordan’s game in BB11, and by stepping from the shadow of a larger player (in this case, Dani) along with some additional luck, Kalia has set herself well going forward.

This was not, however, the biggest move of the week. Another difficult truth must be said at this point- Shelly’s defection from Jeff and Jordan comes from intentions that are understandable and even sensible. By defecting to the other side, Shelly carved a path towards the Final Two that simply would not have been there with Jeff and Jordan as her partners. Her execution was poor, and Shelly may have done more harm to her game than good in the manner she chose to defect- but by doing so now (and as a result getting rid of Jeff, her biggest roadblock), she created the easiest way to the Finals that she could have.

There is one other note- Shelly must learn to pick her battles and know when to lay low. Her move to go against Jorff can be seen as a good game move. However, her verbal confrontation with Jordan after the live show ended was bad form and an extremely poor game move in all ways. There was no possible way to win in that situation, and Shelly merely came out looking worse for it.

The game changes once more with the removal of two Veterans, and is now clearly in control of the Newbies. Only time will tell how it turns out.

Winners of the week:

Kalia- What a difference two weeks makes! Kalia took out a major enemy in Jeff, the leader of the opposing alliance. Moreover, she comes off clean and having made smart game moves even though her vote evicted Jeff. Her later cementing of a deal with Adam puts her safely in the driver’s seat as the new leader of the house.

Porsche- Timing is important in everything. Porsche wins her first competition on the live show (and becomes HoH later in the night), and by not using the Veto tonight she was also seen as making a smart and sensible game play.

Jeff- Although taken out, he is taken out with a large amount of cash- a de facto third place with stipend and prize money earned. In addition, he gets out of the stress of the house. At this point, that’s a small victory for any of the HouseGuests.


Star of the Week:

Shelly- No one influenced the game more this week, case closed. Shelly nearly turned the Dani vote on its end by nearly convincing Adam to change his vote (though Adam remained with the Veterans). In addition, she maneuvered the chess pieces of the game into its inevitable conclusion tonight. In terms of creating action and drama, no one has done more than Shelly this week.

Losers of the week:

Dani- The formerly loved ex-HouseGuest goes to Jury House with her reputation as player tarnished, and with her maturity in doubt.

Jordan- She loses her support structure with Jeff’s loss, and the betrayal from Shelly was personal. By the end of the night, talk of wanting to be sent to the Jury House next was coming from the defeated player.

Shelly- Our first Star of the Week and a loser at the same time. Shelly is the easiest to cast off from any alliance because of her lack of loyalty, and her status as “HouseGuest to Hate” by many fans was cemented in her betrayal.


Game Change of the Week:

Shelly’s shift of alliance. Although the original intent was not realized, the ramifications of her decision reverberate through the house. There is a clear delineation now between the sides, and it will remain divided going forward. Those who wanted drama in the house got it in spades over the last two nights and there is little chance of it ending any time soon.

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