We all know that paranoia is a fact of life in the Big Brother house; it’s only natural in a game where players are systematically voted out by their housemates. Where friends can turn in to enemies, enemies in to friends and bedmates can stab you in the back. But it seems that this season it is hitting new levels very early, especially for one particular player: Willie Hantz, brother of Survivor Mega Villian Russel, is now in the Big Brother House. We all know that Russel had a wee problem with paranoia during his multiple stints on Survivor, and it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from… the other apple.

As the first Head of Household he was already put in a position where he was separated from the rest of the house and a known side effect of being in the HOH room is the anxiety and certainty everyone is scheming behind your back. In a game that is measured in months rather than weeks, in a confined space with no privacy and long lulls between game events, there is nothing to do but sit and think; or walk and talk; or lay and scheme.

From wandering around the house seeing his `allies` speak with the other side of the house, sure that they are planning side alliances, or are talking trash about him, Willie suffered from the quintessential HOH power trip and subsequent paranoid crash. Said paranoid crash resulted in him calling multiple team meetings with his alliance, trying to lay down the law. Forbidding contact with the other side didn’t go down so well, and showed his controlling side to his allies. With everybody knowing who his brother is, parallels were quickly drawn between them, and they weren`t in Willies favor.

Along with his paranoia, Willie is one of the people who made the classic BB mistake of playing too hard, too fast. In a good position nearing the end of his overlong HOH reign, Willie made deal after deal, mentioning that he could see going very far in the game (read – final 2) with multiple people. Word got around, as it generally does in the Big Brother house.

Another mistake was made by Britney, Willie`s coach. After telling Willie to not run his mouth and tell people too much information, Brit herself fell victim to the same, when she told him her theory of the coaches being able to enter the competition. Citing the extra keyholes, the dwindling numbers of the new players and the fact that the coaches have keys (meaning a nomination is possible), Britney threw gasoline on the already burning pyre of Willies paranoia.

Willie then called a Newbies-Only meeting, where he shared Brittney’s theory, and rallied them to play their own game. Stressing the fact that their coaches’ teams weren’t their teams and that in the end it is an individual game. All true facts, but the manner in which it was delivered could only be done by a Hantz. Backfiring on him completely, all the meeting succeeded in doing was alienating from most of the house and starting the downward spiral that the day would take.

With anti-Willie fever going throughout the house, some true colors were brought to the light as in a complicated game of Telephone, started by Frank, to Joe, to Wil, a statement made by Willie about Wil was exaggerated from a mocking voice to a gay slur by the time it later rolled around to a napping Britney.

With his game threatened, Willie took the offensive, getting in to a shouting match with Frank – who had witnessed and passed on Willies comment to Joe, who embellished it and told Wil, who brought it up to more of the house – in the back yard. Frank stayed calm and cool while under fire from the Hantz of the House, and the lines were clearly drawn in the aftermath. Shane and JoJo rallied with their team mate and everybody else scattered.

That marked the end of the alliance between Janelles and Britneys teams, as Janelle decided that she needed to be with her players and moved out of Britneys HOH suite saying that being close to Willie made her uncomfortable. The game has changed, and we`ll see how the chips fall tonight. For the first week there has been a lot of gameplay, helped along by the coaches. The viewers will find out true allegiances for the first via the voting. It will be a very interesting live show this week!

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