I Love Big Brother

Shelly has done a real number on this house. I can’t figure out if she’s a horrible player or a great player. I mean, there’s a difference. A horrible player is someone who lies too much, forgets details, someone who is sloppy with their game play. A good game player is someone who’s done all that on purpose to completely brainf*ck the others into a whirlpool of indecision and back-stabbing insecurity. It is very possible Shelly knows exactly what she is doing and hasn’t been sloppy at all. It’s very possible she’s like this in real life as well. Do I care? No. Live and let live. Karma baby. And it is just a game. As far as all us watchers are concerned, it’s just a game. Repeat that. Anyone could win. Yay. It’s just a game.

Moving on, I hope Rachel has a little fun these next few weeks. She’s a lot more likable now that Brendon is gone, and with Jordan as an ally, I say let the good times roll. Rachel is a tough competitor, quick on her feet, determined. She may not win this, but she should. So she plays with her heart on her sleeve, and no one’s gonna get between her and her fe-yan-say, but that’s kind of okay. And hey, now that little Brachel’s growing from zygote to toddler, she might need some extra cash. Just saying. Maybe one of the next competitions will be who can pee on a stick the fastest, or who can put together a sonogram machine in less than a minute. Come on Big Brother, we’re dying to know.

Let’s spend a brief moment on Adam. He’s a nice guy playing a nice game. Actually, he’s a freeloader in a house with a bunch of hot chicks and a pantry full of endless food. So he had to wear an elf suit for a week . . . that must have been tough. Sorry Adam, you don’t deserve to win this. Heck, you’ve already won this. He ain’t complaining.

Getting down to business, Porsche put Jordan and Rachel on the block in Friday’s night’s nomination ceremony. A great move. Rachel would be gone. Forever. And then . . . Porsche crumbled to temptation. Imagine that. For five grand Porsche threw her nominations into the sky and left her alliance’s safety vulnerable for another week. She said it herself, “We had it made.” Yes, you did. And now the powers have been beaten, built, twisted, burned and resurrected. All in a matter of a few days. This is great, this is why I love Big Brother so much.

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the stick was peed on yesterday & was negative! rach told jord around 1:20 yesterday! As for Shelly your way off base there too! go back & re-watch this season you have missed a thing or two Just saying!

I can’t help but suspect Shelly needs the money more than she let’s on. People who are rich are generally secure and don’t remind people of that fact on a daily basis. 

With what we know of the US economy, so many have overextended themselves, unlike our parents/grandparents who learned to save every nickel, thanks to the great depression. Second mortgages to buy hummers, boats, lavish vacations. Credit card debt through the roof. Keeping up with the Jones’ became a way of life for so many. Louisiana real estate is not booming right now, and like most home owners in this country, the Moore’s are more than likely upside down. Her husband has a pool company and while that’s really cool, when times are tough it’s luxury items that fall by the wayside. 

It is possible that Shelly came into the game with a strategy to remain untouched with a  nonchalant air and the big sister act, fully intent on winning. Her new line of defense seems to be, “…for my daughter, for my family.” Who says that if they don’t need the money? What she didn’t count on was someone like Jordan, who while naive, has the heart of Gone with the Wind’s Melanie Hamilton and the soul of Pollyanna.  

pandora’s box suxxxxx!!!!!  it saved rach AND jord….THEN it rewarded rach with  jessie’s presence…lol…so what rach didnt get to shop…BB13 prob has it scripted for rach to win anyways….newbies was kicking vets buts cbs couldnt have that….vets came into the house with a planned partner and still was getting their butt kicked.  oh and btw…rach and jordan was on the block BEFORE pandora’s box….isnt editing amazing #cheatingassbb13  #boobb13

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