Ian Hits The Bullseye

Every year in Big Brother, there is a player that becomes a massive target for some reason. Whether earned or unearned, this target grows as long as the Houseguest remains in the house. In years past, such targets as Jase and Brendon managed to save themselves in key moments. Rarely does the House target survive through to the Final 3. In Frank’s case, a man who had been nominated 6 times and won veto 3 times managed to make it to the Final 7- a respectable performance, but one that nearly assured to end in defeat. That Frank had dodged so many bullets on his way to Julie’s Couch was amazing; that the aim finally struck the intended target was cathartic.

In retrospect, Frank’s Big Brother run is incredibly impressive when looked at statistically. 3 HoH wins, 2 Veto wins to save himself and 6 nominations before eviction are All-Star level numbers, and almost assure him a run at the game a second time somewhere down the line. Frank’s physical game was unsurpassed, and his mental game was even the source of a win. Where Frank fell was in a social game that lacked severely. Frank was never humble about his victories, a trait that his coach instilled further into him than what may have already been festering inside. Added to this was a tendency to lash out verbally at inopportune times, along with an unbelievable streak of continually trusting the exact wrong person at the exact wrong time.It was Frank’s undying loyalty to Boogie that made him a target during the Coach phase of the game. it was his continued partnership with Boogie that solidified him as a target, and it was the trusting of Dan and members of the Quack pack alliance at the end that sealed his blindsiding.

As satisfying as this may have been to parts of the Big Brother Fandom, this was not the only part of the live show- there was still a second week’s worth fo competitions to complete. In the end, Joe was the second eviction- an eviction that seemed almost anticlimactic compared to the events preceding it. Dan’s 30 minutes as HoH was epic in terms of surprise nominations, apparent backstabbings and unexpected actions. That he nominated Joe was unsurprising- that TWO members of his alliance went up against Joe was shocking. Ian’s nomination against Joe could at least be half explained away- he had never been nominated prior to tonight, and his ego had rubbed Dan the wrong way at least once during the past week. Danielle’s nomination was a true surprise and shock, and a move that may have repercussions on Dan now that he is no longer HoH.

At this point, we have a Final Five in which everyone has won at least one competition. There are no “floaters” remaining in the House, and those who are there have earned their way into the Final Five. There is one Veteran remaining in the House, and three of the four original teams has at least one representative. One player has become dominant in the past two weeks alone, and another has become the “puppet master” with influence on everyone there. How this game goes from here will be very interesting to watch.

Week 8 Final Results

Eviction #9 – Frank

Tonight saw the eviction of the Best Physical Player of this season, and one of the best in BB History. Frank’s main weakness (his social game) was ultimately his downfall- while not the worst social game this season, Frank’s game was still the worst in terms of trusting the wrong people at the wrong time. Aligned with someone else from the beginning, Frank could have been the MVP of the season. Instead, he is Juror #3.

HoH #10 – Dan

This was a big HoH win for Dan, but with it he stirred the pot heavily in ways that may not have needed to happen at this point. 6 remaining isn’t exactly “early in the game,” but the move he made was a bit early in terms of ticking off major allies. Ian’s question to Dan of “Why?” after the Veto comp regarding his nomination deserved a better answer. There could be serious repercussions for Dan later on.

Eviction #10 – Joe

Joe has the distinction of being the last real Floater to be removed from game- after all, even Jenn had won a comp and managed to play well tonight. Joe was a true floater player, never being a threat competitively but always finding a way to be useful as a vote or nominee. Once Joe finally outlasted his usefulness this week, he was history. As one of the least liked Houseguests by fans (for his DR sessions) and by Houseguests (annoying behavior and hygiene issues), Joe will quickly fall into the chasm of ex players that fans are easily able to forget.

HoH #11 – Ian

Ian wins HoH for a second calendar week in a row, a rarity (if ever before) in BB History. This HoH is even more important than his victorious campaign to rid the house of Frank, and who he targets will be major as the week goes on.

Star of the Week – Ian

Two HoH wins in 7 days is an impressive feat by anyone’s count, and Ian managed to pull it off. The little guy has become a power player, and has now made his case for a win if he makes the Final Two.

Loser of the Week – Joe

Being nominated twice in one hour is an ego crusher, and not having to unpack your bags after surviving a vote isn’t helping either. Joe was destined to go home this week- it just was unsure which half-hour was his.

Game Change of the Week – Dan Convinces QP to reunite.

This restoration of the Quack Pack alliance solidified the voting bloc against Frank, and despite two QP members being nominated for eviction tonight (with both staying) no one seems to be directly targeting Dan at this point. Dan’s addition of “willingness to deceive” this year has almost assured his maneuvering into the Final Three.

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