Ian Won HOH Part 2

After both threw the first part of the HOH competition to Dan, Danielle and Ian competed in the second of the three part final Head of Household Competition tonight. Ian won, making it an Ian/Dan head-to-head competition live Wednesday, for a guaranteed spot in the Final Two and the choice of who will sit next to them.

Ian, thinking he’s guaranteed to be in the finals because of his ‘Renegade Alliance’ with Dan, was put under fire immediately after his win. A planned attack by Dan and Danielle that Dan hopes will help his chances of convincing Ian to throw the final part of the HOH to him. Dan put his plan in to motion, making an intentional slip to ‘reveal’ his alliance with Ian to Danielle.

As agreed, Danielle jumped down Ian’s’ throat, taking him to task for making a deal with the devil who, to Ians knowledge, has screwed Danielle over and over again in the game. She threatened to do her best to taint the Jury against him should he choose to take Dan to the finals instead of her. Promising to make Shane vote against him, and would try to get Ashley on board as well.

So far, things are going along according to Dans plan B – plan A was Danielle winning part 2. Ian is nervousing, Danielle is playing jilted ally, and Dan is sitting back laughing. On the inside, of course. Now he’s got to use his mist once again, convincing Ian to throw the HOH to him, ostensibly so Ian won’t have to cut Danielle himself, thus avoiding the tainting of the jury. However; Once a Coach, Always a Coach, and if Ian does succumb to Dan, he’ll be throwing away his chances of sitting in the Final Two.

We’ll find out what happens, live on Wednesday night, when Ian and Dan battle it out for the last HOH, and someone will win half a million dollars.



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Really Julie Chen calling Shane a name like that, somepeople r raised to be honest and never swear on a Bible or a loved one it’s Called good Parenting..You should apologize to Shane and his family for what you called him that is so awful to name call u r the Host, I myself have lost respect for you..some parents raise there children to be honest and Shane was..maybe his downfall but at least he didnt cause his family shame like Dan, you really need to apologize so uncalled for …He might not of won but at least he can go on with my respect calling him a KnuckleHead so uncalled for, Hope you raise your children better than that..Apology clear this up..

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