Inside the BB13 House

Yahoo got exclusive rights to the first eleven Big Brother 13 House pics and released them early this morning. At first glance they’ve taking a page from season 11, it’s another beach set. Could be Venice Beach, could be Paradise Pier at Disney’s California Adventure, it’s all done in bricks and bright cotton-candy colors.

The lounge off the kitchen where HG’s usually napped or talked strategy is now a plush royal purple along with black and white tile and outfitted with skeleton pictures, a fortune teller and a superstitious vibe perfect for the thirteenth season. The HOH bedroom was given a patio garden feel, a huge round Hefner style bed, orange orchids and white brick. Owls are everywhere, even in the aquarium.

With the CBS hype promoting “It’s going to be a Party” it’s clear they’re promising beach bodies, oiled muscles and carnival crazies. Hopefully we’ll get enough beach eye-candy to make late night interesting and a few red-neck crazies on vacation to stir it up. I can’t wait!

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