Jeff Uses Veto, Switches Porsche for Daniele

In a bold game move today Jeff, both HOH and Veto Holder, changed his nominations: taking down perpetual floater Porsche and replacing her with Daniele. After the ill-fated attempt to backdoor Jeff earlier in the game, Daniele tried to gain back trust with Jeff and Jordan by making no move against them while she was in power, but it was all for naught.

With the house divided and her alliance member Kalia on the block beside her, Daniele now has to try to sway votes in her direction, recruiting Porsche to do her campaigning for her and focus on Adam and Shelly. Both aligned with the Veterans, they are the only hope that either nominee has to keep them since three votes is enough this week to send someone to Jury.

Jeff clearly wants Daniele gone, and the chances of her staying are very small. Adam and Shelly will most likely follow his wishes and Rachel will revel in voting out the woman who sent her fiance out of the game – twice. Things don’t look good for Dani now, but in the game of Big Brother things can turn on a dime. This week look for whining, trash-talk and campaigning, not to mention lots of drama.

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