Jeff Wins Veto

Jeff followed up his HOH win on Thursday with another, winning the Veto in a ZingBot puzzle competition. After nominating Kalia and Porsche yesterday, he took complete control of this week today, assuring that there will be no surprises at the Monday Veto Ceremony.

With a possible backstab of Daniele in the works, Jeff now faces the choice of who to take off the block. Porsche, who has shown her drive to win competitions by finishing in second place multiple times, or Kalia who risked Jeff’s game by putting him on the block against Rachel.

Daniele, on the other hand, needs to some serious face-time with Jeff and Jordan. Aware that a backstab is possible, she should take the time until the Veto Ceremony to solidify a deal that would be win-win for all of them. If she doesn’t, she’s most likely going on the block, and her game may be over on Thursday night.

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