Jeff Wins Veto

Kalia winning HOH was yet another blow to the veteran alliance, and she proved her allegiance to Daniele when she nominated Rachel and Jeff.  Her reasoning for nominating Jeff was that he’s a strong competitor and would have the best chance of beating Rachel in the Veto. Which he did, playing against Kalia, Rachel, Jordan, Shelly and Adam.

Jeff will take himself off the block and Kalia is going to choose a replacement nominee. The obvious choice is Jordan, however Kalia has vowed in the past that she would never nominate her. Before the nominations, when Jeff and Jordan spoke to Kalia she tried to explain her reasoning for putting Jeff up, but it turned in to a confrontation with Jordan. After Jordan stormed out, Jeff swore vengeance, telling Kalia she was his number one target, even above Daniele. He left with the parting shot “I’ll see you at the Veto.”

Kalia will have to decide whether to honor her promise to Jordan, by putting a newbie on the block as a pawn, or assuring Rachel’s eviction by nominating Jordan on Monday. Stay tuned, the next two days are going to be a very bumpy ride!

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Why did Kalia second-guess herself and not put up Jordan!  I’d like to see it when she wakes up and smells the coffee!  Then it will be too late.  Unless Dominic returns and restores their numbers.  And Daniele will have to win HOH again and this time do it right!

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