Jenn Won Veto

After the epic Double Eviction episode on Thursday night that sent Boogie home and Ashley to Jury, Frank won yet another HOH competition and moved his stuff back upstairs. It’s been an extra fun HOH for him since he opened Pandora’s Box and was locked in while the rest of the house searched for quarters in balls so they could play the claw game in the Arcade Room. The Golden Ball was the goal and the winner, Ian, now has the new Golden Ball Veto.

In making his nominations the next day, Frank didn’t hesitate to nominate his main target Dan along with Danielle, Dan’s closest ally in the house.

In today’s picture based ‘Who wants it More’ Challenge, Jenn pulled off her first win of the season. By taking the punishments with the highest point value, she had to burn her clothes (no great loss) and volunteered to be on slop for the duration of her stay in the house. Frank tried his hardest to win, taking multiple punishments, including a carrot costume that he has to wear for the next seven days, a chum shower and being unable to play in the next two HOH competitions. It sounds as though, while he may have taken the most punishments, he disqualified himself by talking during the game.

Dan, on the other hand took a punishment himself, and is now in solitary confinement in the Have Not room. Decked out with rave lights, a record mixer and turntables and complete with a mini bottle of champagne and cake for his enjoyment, it’s a step up from his previous position of being the only Have Not in the house… if you don’t pay attention to the curtained potty in the corner of the room…or the repeating rave-type ‘Solitary Dance Party’ music.

Britney also tried to buzz in for punishments, but only succeeded in getting shackled to someone of her choice for 24 hours; she chose Danielle. It really should count as more than one punishment. Danielle had her punishment done to her outside and was painted (had paint thrown all over her) by the other Veto players.

With her ‘homegirl’ Danielle on the Block with former coach Dan, one would think that it would be a sure bet on Jenn using it, however she knows that if it is used, her other girl Britney, would be put up in her place. She and Ian have both assured Frank that they would not use their power; however things can change quickly in the Big Brother House.

If the nominations stay the same, it is likely that Dan will be the one walking out to see Julie on Thursday, however while all alone in the Have Not room he is strategizing ways to save himself. Best of luck to him, but it’s not looking good.


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