Jeremy Wins & Vetos Himself – Elissa, Helen & Nick Up

Its that time of year again, folks, the hamsters are in the cage, the fish in the fishbowl, the guinea pigs under the microscopes, and the crazy awesome fans plastered to various digital devices, trying to get our fix. Yes, summer is finally here, and with the heat comes the real action. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, Big Brother 15 has finally arrived.

And with it, all the drama, trash talking, showmances and…. Racism?? Oi. It’s already shaping up to be a crazy season. Now, since one of the little blondes at the center of all the ‘Real Life’ controversy has gone from her ‘boyfriend’ being blindsided to residing in the HOH, drama was OBVI!!! The power goes to her head, she turns on the bitchy and goes for the easy target. Another girl, of course, Aaryn is too young and insecure to play the Big Brother game with her brain, instead of her emotions.

Nominating Elissa was the easy choice, with Helen being the other clear nominee – being closely aligned with Elissa made her a target, and the age difference, I’m sure, only made it easier. The other nomination was made later by the MVP, again, the viewer’s chose Elissa. With the right nomination, both she and Helen would be safe… she chose wrong.

With Helen and Elissa debating between nominating the other half of the sickeningly gross couple of Kaitlyn and Jeremy, Elissa chose to nominate Jeremy – ensuring he would play in the Veto and also targeting one with numbers behind him through his secret alliance, the Moving Company. The numbers of course, ceased to matter when he won the Veto Competition, and took himself off the block.

With the MVP nomination off the block, Elissa had to choose the replacement nominee, yet again targeting someone in the Moving company and someone with more numbers than that behind him – Nick. Really. REALLY?! REALLY, Elyssa?! I could Love You, but you’re playing strategically worse than your sister in her first season. Rachel learned from it, one would think that from the outside you would have learned, watching it.

The main similarity between their seasons is the secret boys alliance that is controlling the house. Numbers definitely count in Big Brother, and season twelve’s the Brigade is an earlier version of the MC, with the main boys’ alliance, with side alliances with other houseguests for each. Nick is playing Matt Hoffman’s role this time, being the mastermind of the group, though still looking like an outsider to others eyes. He, like Matt may take the fall early, but only if the rest of the Moving Company decide to throw him under the bus…. Or train.

Otherwise, it looks like Elissa’s nominations will only assure she goes home.



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