Jocasta & Caleb on the Block – Donny Wins Veto

Nicole was dethroned in this week’s Battle of the Block competition when her nominees, Donny and Amber, finished their puzzle first. Leaving Derrick the sole Head of Household with his nominees Jocasta and Caleb facing eviction this week. Unlike weeks before, because of her loss, she is now in a frog costume for the remainder of the week; the cutest frog I’ve ever seen.

With Operation: Backdoor Devin firmly in place, there was only the Veto competition to get through, or more specifically, the drawing of the players. For a true backdoor, the intended target must not be nominated or chosen to play in the Power of Veto competition, having no way at all to save themselves. Of course, that much hoped for plan didn’t quite work out when Devin was chosen to play by Donny, who was chosen to draw for the ailing Jocasta.

The other players were Derrick, Caleb, Christine and Donny. Jocasta, who’s nominated, has been sick since last nights BotB didn’t participate; though Donny vowed to play for her and take her off the block. Hosted by Cody, the Veto was a new one in the game (involving dice and a maze?)[edit: was actually a spinning wheel], blowing all their planned strategies for possible competitions. Donny came out the other side with the Veto around his neck, rushing in to the house after the competition, he showed it to Jocasta as she was curled under her blankets.

I can’t wait to see that TV moment.

Now that Devin doesn’t have the safety, and there will be the need for a replacement nominee, it seems that all is going to plan. He’s even playing along. Knowing of the plans to backdoor him, he ‘seems’ to be resigned to his fate. Telling everyone he just wants to have a good time, he’s ready to leave, and now he’s a Have Not for the week, he’ll checked off most of his BB Bucket List.

…and he misses his daughter.

Admittedly, there is a slight chance some people could try to rally support of evicting Caleb – (did I mention he volunteered to go up on the block and throw the BotB comp so his precious Amber could be safe? Idiot.) – they don’t think he’ll often be up due to his popularity, he’s a serious physical threat, so they might as well keep Devin in as a bigger target.

I’ll be surprised if there is enough support to make it happen, but with Big Brother, I’ve been surprised before.