Kaitlyn Wins & Uses Veto – Jeremy, Aaryn & Spencer Up

After being nominated alongside Aaryn and the MVP choice, Spencer, Kaitlyn won the timed House Guest Photo Manipulation challenge and had the chance to save herself in the game…. But at what cost?

For what seems to be the first time in Big Brother History, a Showmance, a backdoor plan, and a Veto win collide. Kaitlyn won the Veto, knowing if she used it on herself her ‘man’ Jeremy would be the replacement nominee and be evicted – if she didn’t, she’d knowingly pull a Marcellas, and be voted out herself.

Helen, this week’s HOH, is calling her time upstairs ‘The People’s HOH’ trying to minimize the blood on her hands by giving the power to the other houseguests and nominating accordingly. Apparently, everybody (who matters) is jonesing for a Jeremy-free house, especially after the outing of the now defunct Moving Company.

Kaitlyn was convinced to use the Veto, after briefly (stupidly) considering sacrificing her own game for a boy she had met only weeks before, by the sane(er) people in the house – and I’m even lumping Jeremy in there, because he insisted she use it on herself. Knowing the house wants him gone; she’d be sacrificing her main ally, but potentially gaining an alliance with those on Elissa’s side.

Speaking of only knowing a boy for a few weeks….. WTH is wrong with GinaMarie? A 32 year old sane woman would NOT be acting like this. As I speak, they are planning a memorial in the BB house for the blindsided Nick, just so GM can let go of her moping, crying and mourning over a 20-sometihng man who’s STILL ALIVE! Yes, it’s the funeral of Jessie G. all over again. ::rolls eyes::

There has been lots of drama going down in the house this week, and I haven’t even seen half of it. Bed flipping, breakdowns and fights, fights, fights…. Yep – Big Brother has certainly begun. I plan to enjoy every moment of it.

See you next time!

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