Keith Out :: Jordan HoH

Whenever Big Brother promotes the slogan: Expect the Unexpected us regular feed watchers roll our eyes or shake our heads because we know the live show is predicted by the previous week’s feed watching. We likely know who is leaving and who’s going to throw the upcoming HOH. When Julie, looking pretty in pink, introduced last night’s show and teased us with ‘Both think they have the votes to stay but in a house divided nothing is certain’ she wasn’t kidding.  The first weeks eviction vote was totally unpredictable.

The veterans, crestfallen at Dick’s early departure and at their now uneven and diminished numbers moped and brooded in the HOH room. An un-daunted Jeff rallied and exhorted his alliance that all they had to do was get one person to their side and it would be a 5 v 5 split and Rachel would break the tie. They could send whomever they wanted home. Either the cocky and unstable Keith or the entitled and catty Porsche would be sent packing. His two-fold plan: swing Adam, Shelly or Cassi and play a social game with everyone, party; play late night games and act the fool to bring someone over to their beleaguered side.

By early mid-week Jeff’s plan was working and brought unexpected dividends. Soon Lawon and his partner Kalia started hanging out with the veterans more, as did Shelly. Noticeably absent from group talks were Dominic and Cassi. But when the wine and beer flowed to drinking game shouts of Big-Big- BOOTY everyone participated and gaiety allowed for a shrewd Shelly to play both sides brilliantly. Jeff offered Adam to name their alliance in one of his attempts to win his vote to oust Keith and retain Porsche. Porsche was willing to sell anyone down the river in order to remain in a camera’s eye and had early on sided with the veterans. Let the silly night games begin! As Jeff put it: he was willing to whore himself out to get the vote by any means necessary. Was it going to work?

After a break Julie introduced a video explanation from Dick by saying he would NOT be returning to the game. Evil Dick was firm in his denial of anything other than an emergency personal issue being the reason he left. His family and girlfriend were fine and he apologized to his daughter Dani for the situation. Julie pressed an uncomfortable Dani for a reaction who gave a non-answer when asked if she wanted to say she loved her estranged father to comfort him. She said it’s awkward and it was. Later in the diary room during voting she did open up and share her concern and affection.

The voting began with Stealthy Shelly giving the thumbs down to Keith and ended with an unexpected vote to evict Porsche from Adam and a vote-with-the -majority cast for Keith’s eviction from Kalia. The vote was not the expected tie but an amazing 6 to evict Keith and 4 to evict Porsche. A humbled Keith exited the house and uttered the inevitable shoulda, coulda, woulda to Julie. She was merciless on his game-playing telling him that it was unwise to throw the POV when on the block.

The Big Brother Open Golfing HOH started in the back yard with the out-going HOH able to choose the player order for the first time ever. Using a large wooden club Dominic went first with an early lead later matched by Kalia. It looked to this viewer as if Lawon & Shelly threw the competition with Dominic, Cassi and Jordan trying hard to win. Jordan eliminated both Dominic and Kalia; savvy fans remember that this was Jordan’s winning HOH in her season when Jeff threw it to her. When Jeff hit his ball so quickly in the water the camera couldn’t catch it followed by Brendan purposely hitting into the sand trap it was a repeat win. The HOH was Jordan’s!

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