Knocking Them Down

This season of Big Brother has been defined by one major attribute – a systematic elimination of those working against the efforts of the Level 6 alliance. Rarely has a single alliance controlled a game so clearly as Level 6 – but every alliance must get a setback.

In Level 6’s case, it was a setback created from their own actions.

This is something of an unusual event, really – L6 had dominated the game and the last few weeks, so to see them make such a mistake as what happened when they eliminated Sam is jarring. Had Sam remained, she would have lost the next HoH competition. The type of competition that was coming up was not one that Sam would have been strong in, and it should have been clear to L6 what type of competition was coming up.

Still, to make this sort of mistake is somewhat understandable as a short-term strategy. This was why it was so damaging – L6 lost sight of the long term strategy. Winning Big Brother requires skill in both long-term and short-term strategy. Angela didn’t remember this, and it clouded her own game.

Considering this, Angela was the likeliest to leave first. Before she left the House, though, several others made mistakes that ended their games early. This serves as a review of these loses, going into the endgame.

Week Ten Evictee: Scottie

In truth, Scottie never had a chance to stay in the game. He’d burned several bridges in his first stint in the game, and returning was a quick trip back out. That he chose not to campaign hard against Haleigh made it easy to kick him out once more.

Week Eleven Evictee: Haleigh

Haleigh was the final chess piece to take down in te lopsided battle of “L6 versus the Hive/FOUTTE.” Her departure was set once there was no one further to take out as a bigger target than her. This eviction magnified L6’s ability to target and eliminate the biggest threat against them.

Week Twelve Evictee: Brett

Brett spoke too much, too soon. By revealing his intentions to take down the women in the L6 alliance, Brett made it clear that he was not operating in the best interests of the team. Loyalty has proven to be the biggest benefit to L6’s game, and his disloyalty was his downfall.

Week Thirteen Evictee: Sam

In truth, this was the biggest mistake that L6 had made in terms of targets. Sam was presumed to be the bigger threat over JC, and her actions and words against Angela did her no favors. However, this eviction set the board for the biggest damage to Level 6, and cost Angela her game entirely.

Week Fourteen Results:

Week Fourteen HoH: JC

After thirteen weeks of not winning, JC finally won when it mattered most for his game. Had JC lost, he would have been the clear target – instead, he dictated who would leave.

Week Fourteen Nominees: Angela, Tyler

Week Fourteen Veto Winner: Kaycee

Kaycee solidified her resume with another Veto win, her fifth of the season.

Week Fourteen Evictee: Angela

Angela’s departure was certain once Kaycee won Veto. Her class and grace in her departure was impressive.

Star of the Week, Week Fourteen: Kaycee

Five Veto wins is a statement, and Kaycee solidly made that statement.

Goat of the Week, Week Nine: N/A

Game Move of the Week: Kaycee wins Veto for a fifth time, ensuring her place in Final Three.

If Kaycee wins, this is why. She rocked the week with an impressive win for Veto.

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