Known Unknowns – Big Brother 18 Preview

Every year, the cycle begins anew.

With the dawning of Summer, we have come to expect the relaunch of our favorite pastime known as Big Brother. Like clockwork, the season begins in less than a week. 12 new players will begin the show, which will last 99 days and will be hosted by Julie Chen. There will be no Battle of the Block this year, and there are expected to be 4 more players to be announced later. This year, there is a travel theme incorporated through the House.

And that, dear readers, is nearly the sum of what we know about this season. Unlike past seasons, the amount we don’t know outweighs what we DO know. We’ve met the bulk of the cast, but the remaining four players are a mystery as is the role they will play. We don’t know what kind of game will be played, since we don’t know the full role of the unannounced players. We know there is supposed to be a new ceremony, but we know nothing about it nor its effects on the game.

To be honest, it’s refreshing. Having new aspects of the game that are refreshing to the nature of the game has been hit-or-miss over the years, but with the benefit of a positive outlook we can hope for the best. Further, we know that some aspects of the game will NOT be played out. Battle of the Block is an example of a negatively-viewed aspect of previous seasons that has been phased out. We know that certain disliked players of seasons past are highly unlikely to be involved in the game this year – a welcome bit of knowledge.

Beyond that, the season is an open book. We will learn much by the time feeds launch next week, and until then this writer chooses to look upon that period with anticipation.

Our Summer addiction has returned. Let’s get ready to enjoy it.

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