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Redemption is a classic story arc in entertainment. Some of the oldest storytelling involves a character who experiences a major life change and vows to change their ways for the better. It is ingrained into our collective psyche to enjoy the idea that the person who reforms and repents becomes worthy of whatever reward they receive.

In that sense, the fan response to Rachel’s winning Big Brother 13 should be pretty easy to predict. People like a comeback story, and Rachel has certainly filled that quote. From the time she was split from her fiance, she became a new player. That person, the Rachel that won Big Brother tonight, had managed to do something that few thought possible at the start of the season- she redeemed herself.

Besides the big win, much came from the final episode of Big brother. We saw the collapse of a former player’s game become complete with a fairly scathing review of Daniele’s game play from her father. Evel Dick may not be the best of fathers, but he is still a keen analyst and student of the game. His review of Daniele’s game was spot-on, and her fall from “revered player” to “The Empress with no clothes” was made official when The King made his decree.

There was little surprise at the finale, when all was said and done- save for one vote. Shelly’s vote had been somewhat assumed to be for Porsche given her issues with Rachel. Her final vote ended up being alongside the Veterans, which surprised many. Other items of note were Dani’s pettiness (No matter what had happened, her sniping comments simply made her look worse rather than the intended goal), Cassi’s graciousness toward Shelly and her game, and Jeff’s America’s Player win. That he won rather than Jordan was simply the last surprise in a season that had multiple twists, turns and endless drama.

Porsche’s Second place finish was not surprising, save for her even being there. Early on, Porsche was seen as an easy target. The problem was that she continued to be an easy target for ten weeks. When someone is seen as “easy to remove later on” it makes it extremely easy to let them float on. Porsche vindicated her game later on with key wins, and she certainly earned her $50,000.

In the end, how does Big Brother 13 rate against previous seasons? It didn’t have the fireworks of a Big Brother 9 or 6, or as many fights of an 11. There wasn’t as much excitement on the feeds as one would see in previous seasons, and we didn’t get as much of the comedy as we did from previous Houseguests. However, it also didn’t have the bland predictability of a Big Brother 12, and every week the game changed from one power side to another. In that sense, the season succeeded in being entertainment.

In the end, that’s all we as fans can ask for.

Winner of the Season:

Rachel- In more ways than being the overall winner, Rachel came out of this season ahead. The Redhead became a person rather than a caricature on the show, and she’s the better for it. Good on you, Red.

Star of the Season:

Shelly- No one exemplified the seasno’s twists and turns like Shelly. She left earlier than she would prefer, but her game play drove this season more than anyone in the house. She made the mistake of siding against Jeff and Jordan in the end, which cost her America’s Choice. She was, however, this writer’s choice for Star of the Season.

Losers of the Season:

Adam- 3rd place is always a bitter pill to swallow, no matter how it happens. Adam has only himself to blame, and his departure tonight was the icing on a cake of self-induced failure.
Dani- For years now, Daniele has had the reputation of one of the best players never to win. Her game was placed in the area of a Janelle, though she ended up going further than the Blond Bombshell. That reputation is shattered after a season of moving too soon, bitter back-and-forth with other Houseguests and an overall sense that she wasn’t nearly as mature as many believed her to be at the start of the season. Whereas she was seen as one of the better players beforehand,  her reputation now is “couldn’t play without her father.”

Game Moves of the Season:

The moves are ranked in terms of biggest moves to have been made that influenced the season the most. The rankings are purely subjective.

1) Shelly’s turning of Kalia against her own alliance- This early move set the stage for continued dominance of the Veterans, cost the Newbies a key ally, gave Brendon an easy target in his “returning Houseguest” competition and set the tone for the rest of the season.
2) Rachel’s Social Game Adjustment- This was a late game development, but it won the game for Rachel.
3) Shelly’s Betrayal- Although this was the most influential move for the time, it was more the inevitable result of previous actions and Shelly’s realization that she couldn’t win in her current station. Had Shelly gone further in the game, it may have been higher up in the countdown.
4) The House Meeting- This was the meeting that exposed Daniele’s treachery against her original alliance, and set the two sides clearly against each other.
5) Rachel’s Competition Dominance- This was a theme of the season, and in this case it brought her to the Final Two.

A last note, before I go. This season has been incredibly fun to watch, and moreover it has been fun to watch alongside each of you. I have greatly enjoyed sharing this board with each of you, owe a great deal of credit and props to Keith for running this site and look forward to the first few weeks of June when we return for Big Brother 14.

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