Making A Move

There are moments in the Big Brother game that have lasted as memorable over all others. Oftentimes, these are big game moves that ultimately have a large effect on the flow of that season. From Marcellas’ refusal to use the Veto, to Adria/Natalie’s original Twin Twist reveal in Big Brother 5, memorable moments have helped define this show and the success it retains with its fans.

On the morning of July 9th, one such moment occurred – and in the process, set up the story of this show for the next few weeks.

For the past three weeks, Da’Vonne had suspected that Liz was a Twin and had been playing as two people. In the three days prior to the Week Two eviction, Vanessa had learned of this and that Da’Vonne had been planning to use this to build an alliance to save herself. Moreover, she learned that others were aware of this knowledge. Finally, she correctly determined that Jeff had aligned himself against her own friend Austin.

With this knowledge, Vanessa made a move – and this move paid off in dividends. At 2:08 AM Big Brother time on July 9th, Vanessa approached “Liz,” saying that if it were true she needed to know certain things and that she had an ally (allies, even). She offered to help the woman laying next to her in bed with making sure that she knew of any mess-ups that were occuring. Vanessa took the chance of reading the woman she was speaking to – and it paid off. “Liz” revealed she was actually Julia, and had been switching with her sister during the course of the game.

What followed was a strategy planning to assist Liz/Julia with the swapouts, combined with a building of a new alliance with Clay, Shelli, Austin and herself. This was intended to get the group to the Week 5 eviction, at which point Liz and Julia would both be able to enter the game.

Should this work, it would be tremendous – a 6 person alliance in Week 6 allows for a strong core of people to play the rest of the season. It sets up a storyline of the twins playing that makes them bigger targets. Most importantly, it sets up a true division in the House.

The most amazing thing about this is that it comes after a week of surprising moves. Shell surprised many by not targeting Audrey, in a move that initially was made to keep a potential vote on her side. This ended up paying off, as her main target was eliminated in the form of Da’Vonne – but with the added bonus of seeing Audrey attempt to shake up the house once more to throw suspicion away from herself and provide less of a target on her own back. This failed, once Vanessa had figured out the new alliance between Da’Vonne and Audrey.

After the craziness of Week Two, we have seen two Houseguests leave that had the potential to change the game overall. While Jace and Da’Vonne ended up leaving because of their poor gameplay, they still had the potential to stir the pot further. It will be telling to see how the House moves forward.


Week Two Results

Week 2 Head of Household: Shelli, defeated Becky in BotB competition

Shelli’s win against Becky changed the tone of the entire week, by removing from power the person who was most gunning for House enemy Audrey. Shelly’s targeting of Da’Vonne was a bigger move, as it aimed at a player who was actively playing against her and her alliance partner Clay.


Week 2 Veto Winner: John, Saved himself, Meg placed on block

John’s win (and first move to eliminate Da’Vonne) was key to the success of removing Da’Vonne. By removing himself from the Block, he ensured that a weaker player (who was seen more favorably than Da’Vonne) would be placed up on the Block.


Week 2 Evictee: Da’Vonne

Da’Vonne came into the House with a fatal weakness – lack of trust. From Day 5, Da’Vonne continued to make enemies out of anyone in her way. Her argument with Clay set the tone for Shelli’s HoH reign nearly two weeks later, and her inability to make a lasting alliance (outside of Jason) sealed her eviction.Her pre-vote speech did little to help her cause, calling the house a group of cowards.


Week 2 Player of the Week: Vanessa

Vanessa had been sitting on the sidelines mostly, not really making moves but observing everyone. Her ability to get along with people and read them at the same time ended up paying huge dividends, as she was able to correctly surmise who was really working with (or against) whom and who was the bigger threat. This knowledge paid off in the 24 hours before the eviction, and set up a major storyline in the show going forward.


Week 2 Goat of the Week: Da’Vonne

By the nature of her eviction, Da’Vonne gets this spot this week. Her gameplay set her up for failure, and isolating herself from any real alliances ended up hurting her in the long run.


Game Move of the Week: Vanessa confirms Twin Twist with Julia, exposes Audrey’s plan to ally with Da’Vonne.

Vanessa takes this spot with a masterful play. Her conversation with Julia confirmed the Twin Twist for someone in the House, and her building of a solid alliance with Clay, Shelli, Liz/Julia and Austin was a masterstroke of play against the other players of the House. Her exposing of the burgeoning alliance of Audrey and Da’Vonne exposed Audrey once more for being a sneakier player than anyone had predicted, and her reading of Jeff as an enemy of their alliance has set up the week ahead.

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