Masterminded and Blindsided

Memorable game moves in Big Brother can be the stuff of legends. Some become so well-known that they become standard game strategies later on- witness the “Backdoor Plan” of Nakomis that sealed Scott Long’s fate in BB5. Others are considered so hideous that their backfiring can become infamous as well. Howie Gordon can attest to this, after his HoH that removed a key ally from the game.

After this past week, it can be assured that Dan Gheesling has entered the pantheon of Big Brother Game Masters with his Hail Mary move that assured his staying in the game. Dan had been known as a strong game player from his previous win, but it had been assumed that he was a weaker winner of the game. After his strategy came to light and his game move assured him safety this week, it can no longer be questioned- Dan has become a master of the game, possibly one of the best to ever play it.

Truth be told, it was not difficult to see Dan’s strategy coming when you consider past BB History. Many in the BBverse have noted that players that get the solitary confinement often come out of it with radically changed game play. Dan moved into a position where he could assure both his and partner Danielle’s safety with three phases of a plan that went off perfectly. His moves were so masterful that evicted Houseguest Britney barely fought her inevitable BB ouster.

Her departure left key ally Ian at a point of weakness. Ian’s game moves were blown up with Dan’s ratting out of his game play to Frank this week, and with the loss of Britney Ian was at a weaker point now than at any point in the season to date. His winning of HoH following an endurance competition is a major victory, one that puts him at a stronger point than his main nemesis. With Frank’s weak position now being unable to play for HoH this week and next, the Carrot is in severe danger of being yanked from the game and served to The Jury next week.

It has become a cliche that Big Brother power changes from week to week, and Frank’s shifting strategy moves this week only served to weaken him and his allies going forward. Frank is not the only weak player this week- Jenn’s power move does not serve her well going forward. If Frank survives this week, Jenn could easily be seen as a replacement nominee given her role in Britney’s ouster. Dan is also at a point of weakness, but he is served well by Frank being a questionable social player. Frank’s bluster in the last seven days only served to paint a target on his back, one that was not covered up by the carrot suit.

Week 7 Final Results

Eviction #8 – Britney

The Li’l Blonde Ball of Hate was the star of the season before now, and her eviction was a result of strategy against Ian and masterful play by Dan more than her own actions. Danielle being placed in a position of sympathy merely greased the wheels of the bus that ran Britney over Thursday, and there was little to be done to save her game. Her humor and sarcasm will be missed, even when taken along with the bile and complaining

HoH #9 – Ian

From Outhouse to Henhouse, Ian managed to save his hide for one more week by enduring through tonight’s competition. It was a strong performance when needed, and it could save him for the endgame.

Star of the Week – Dan

Possibly the star of the season. Dan’s moves turned the tide and made him the center of the brewing battle for the House this week. After this week, some were saying that Dan was the best BB player of all time. If he wins this season, few can argue with it anymore.

Loser of the Week – Britney

Britney had all along wanted to avoid a blindside like the one she had suffered in BB12. It should therefore come as no surprise that this being a different type of blindside did little to comfort her. Britney’s utter loss of motivation can be excused given the brutal way in which she was taken out of the game.

Game Change of the Week – Dan’s Deal with Frank and Jenn

Possibly the Game Change of the Year, a move that completely turned around the fate of several Houseguests. While it will lead to strife later on, this was a game move that must be seen as impressive.

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