Masterminded, Blindsided and Being Shown The Door

There are times in Big Brother where a Houseguest has no idea how much their game is being influenced by another player’s efforts. Whether it be because of some real or imagined slight, a game move or simply because of someone moving their game forward, players across the seasons have had their games destroyed with no real knowledge of their own until it was too late. This is the point behind the backdooring strategy, as an example – get the person out without knowing they were the target.

The latest victim of this type of play, Zach, operated for weeks never knowing that 3 players were using him as their toy in the game – and his cluelessness to the machinations being played out around him was a testament to a player who was fun to watch, but weak when it came to playing this game.

Zach came into the game playing brashly, admitting his strategy was to try and be the “villain” of the season. This led to several entertaining moments in the House, and certainly he was a fun Houseguest. This strategy led to some very questionable decisions in-game, however – decisions that made it easy for alliance members Frankie and Derrick to use him as a target multiple times over the course of the season. These moves, done as part of Team America in some cases, made Zach an easy secondary target at times.

Eventually, however, Zach was the person who sealed his own fate. Zach had shown a willingness to throw away trust in him multiple times, and his refusal to go on the block as a pawn/comp thrower caused ripples in the Detonators alliance that pointed a lot of ire in his direction. In that sense, it finally became very easy to make Zach the full, primary target for eviction once the Veto competition had been played.

Let there be no question – Zach became an untrustworthy target because of his own play. However, his own play was exacerbated by the efforts of Derrick and Frankie in their quest to win additional money. It is unfortunate that such gameplay was being propagated by Production via the twist of Team America, as this twist directly was used to damage and discredit Zach’s game overall. However (and this is a point that must be remembered), this is Big Brother – a game designed around twists and game changes. Ultimately, anyone’s game is primarily theirs to control once they get past the initial weeks of gameplay. Zach had multiple opportunities to rebuild his own game, and his final transgression against his own alliance was the latest in a string of game moves that weakened his alliance links. In that sense, Zach’s loss was his to bear.

Moving forward, the House lost a player but regained one in the form of Nicole. The Big Brother Experience continues for Nicole following a competition based on luck and some skill, and depending on the HoH competition she has the chance to go farther as the primary target appears to remain Donny for the Detonators. The next 48 hours shall be very important for the flow  of the remainder of the season, as whomever wins HoH this time has the chance to change the entire course  of the season.


Week 9 Results:

Week 9 Head of Household: Frankie, eliminated Derrick as HoH

Once again, Frankie shows a very strong competitive game. As polarizing as Frankie is amongst feeds watchers, his game play and skill cannot be denied as he dominates another week of competitions.

Week 9 Veto Winner: Frankie, removed Caleb as nominee

Frankie, for all of his wins, had not won a Veto competition before this week. His win in the annual Zingbot competition assured that his primary target would indeed be on the block, come Thursday night.

Week 9 Evictee: Zach

As mentioned above, Zach ultimately orchestrated his own eviction with his refusal to play along. Make no bones about it – from his perspective, at that time he was absolutely right in not trusting his alliance enough to go on the block upfront. He had been used before on the block multiple times, and had been nearly evicted at least once. The meeting to determine who would go up with Donny, however, was a no-win scenario for Zach. At that point, any reason could have been made for Zach to go home.

Week 9 Player of the Week: Donny

Being isolated and targeted for eviction by a majority alliance is not a good place to be in the game. That said, Donny’s win in the Battle of the Block Competition (at a time where his partner was actively working against him) was a major point of success, and could turn out to be an important moment in the flow of the season.

Week 9 Goat of the Week: Zach

See above. Zach was in a no-win scenario all week, and his departure was almost assured once he was not playing in the Veto Competition.

Game Move of the Week, Part One: Zach refuses to throw the BotB Competition, leading to his eventual Nomination.

By far, this was the defining moment of the week. This exposed cracks in the Detonators alliance, showed Zach’s true colors and created the fault lines that led to the breakoff of Zach from the game.

Game Move of the Week, Part Two: Nicole wins the Return From Jury Competition.

Nicole was in charge of her own destiny, and managed to revive her game by winning against two hearty competitors (and Jocasta, who had led the competition until the final spin). This win put a non-alliance member back in the game, and caused some ripples that have yet to be seen play out.