Moments of Weakness

Typically in Big Brother, the show is defined by moments of Houseguests stepping up and becoming the great gamers we knew they could be. Rachel, as an example, won Big Brother 13 by stepping out of Brendon’s shadow and playing her own game. Two years ago, Ian showed the kind of player he was by engineering Mike “Boogie’s” eviction. This season, however, has seen a different focus. Time and time again, we have seen potentially great players fall victim to a moment of weakness in their game that changed the course of the season.

This week’s HoH run by Cody showed one such moment, and although it may prove beneficial in the long run his allowance of that weakness to come through proved to be game-changing once more.

It is fairly surprising to see where each Houseguest has shown an area of weakness. Amber, as an example, showed little strategic thinking which has allowed her game to be completely overrun by Caleb’s obsessions toward her. In most cases, people who seem to be fairly nice and even-keeled in personality show remarkably weak social games. Fear of rocking the boat or drawing blood in the game has allowed the game to become dominated by a small number of players, and the one player with a truly strong social game has become the dominant player that has determined the flow of the game to date.

Make no bones about it, Derrick has essentially been in charge for the past three weeks. Moreover, he has engendered a loyalty that Devin and Caleb could only dream of in their previous reigns. Frankie is a loyal lieutenant in the Detonators, and the rest of the alliance works closely with him. Derrick has managed to exploit moments of weakness shown by the remainder of the House to consolidate his control of the house.

It is a testament to how weak the other players are in the house that Derrick has so little resistance to his game. It will take a remarkable move by someone to throw him out of power, and of the remaining players few seem up to the challenge. One possibility is Derrick’s own fellow Detonator and new HoH, Zach. Zach has shown a randomness in his game that many have taken to as a breath of fresh air, and if he gets an inkling to how powerful Derrick is he may take his chance should his HoH survive the Battle of the Block competition. It should also be noted, however, that Caleb is a target for Zach as well.

Once more a week falls ahead of us where anything can happen. We shall see who succumbs to their game weakness or who steps up and makes their game strong, in the end.


Week 4 Results:

Week 4 Head of Household: Cody, eliminated Frankie as 4th HoH

Cody’s HoH was one of second-guessing, some paranoia and lots of influence from alliance members. Cody’s game weakness became apparent during this week – He doesn’t feel confident enough to make “big moves” on his own, and over-relies on alliance influence. In the end, however, he came out relatively unscathed and a player dangerous to his continued success in the game was evicted.

Week 4 Veto Winner: Victoria

Victoria won a “white elephant” Veto game based upon a poor strategic decision by Caleb, who once again showed a weakness in his game by not thinking long-term. Caleb’s inability to see the forest for the trees led to a nominated player being removed from the block, and more stress for the alliance that he is now on the outside of, the Detonators.

Week 4 Evictee: Brittany

Brittany’s weakness was initially one of association, but moved in to a much more dangerous area. Brittany showed a poor ability to campaign as well as a lack of understanding on how to put yourself in good position with other Houseguests. Had she made more inroads with the former members of the Bomb Squad alliance other than the two most dangerous members (Caleb and Devin), she may have survived to Jury. Instead, she was the week’s evictee.

Week 4 Player of the Week: Derrick

Once again, Derrick showed who remains the real power in the House. His literal last-minute maneuver to return Cody’s nomination to the previous decision of Donny likely saved an ally in Caleb, preserved a vote structure that assured Brittany’s eviction and kept himself safe for at least another two weeks.

Week 4 Goat of the Week: Donny

Donny remains the odd man out, and an easy person to throw on the block as the pawn whom everyone likes. His weakness here is in not fully understanding the power structure of the Detonators and in trusting the wrong people. He realized too late that Cody was not the true power in the House this week, and it put him back on the block.

Game Move of the Week: Derrick and Frankie convince Cody to revert his replacement nomination to Donny from Caleb.

By far, this may be the game move of the summer. Caleb would have been voted out had he gone on the block, case closed. By keeping him off of the block, Derrick and Frankie saved a power system that keeps them firmly in control of the game. Caleb is a vote that goes with them, unless the vote is against Amber. Removing him weakens the Detonators’ hold on the game, even if he is not a part of the alliance. Keeping Caleb off the block was a strong game move for any Detonator in the HoH.