Not Quite Lather, Rinse and Repeat – Big Brother 19 Season Opening

For several years now, fans have looked forward to this time of year as the  beginning of our summer pastime – the new Big Brother feeds and season premiere. We pay our subscriptions, get our systems ready and await the new season with gusto. Often, there is a flurry of information that we need to catch up on to understand the dynamics of the house once the feeds begin.

Rarely, however, has that been as important as this season’s beginnings.

With more than one Houseguest gone by the start of the feeds, multiple powers and “temptations” in play and a promise of drama a-plenty, Big Brother 19 has started with a bang. Many fans were bothered by the return of a former player in BB18’s Paul, but his entry into the house was the catalyst of a series of events that led us to today’s status of upset players, game playing and deals being made all over the house.

Before going too deep into the current status, it is wise to take a look at the twists of this season – the Summer of Temptation. Throughout the season, multiple offers and incentives will be made to the Houseguests with the idea that for every good thing taken, there will be a consequence – this has in fact played out already, mostly around Paul and his return to the House at the cost of evicted player Cameron. Paul has also accepted a safety pass for three weeks, with the consequence that someone else would be unsafe for him taking it (witness Christmas’ current status as a nominee).

This season has also had a development in an event that has been a true rarity in Big Brother history – a Self-Eviction. To date, Evil Dick in Season 13 had been the last Houseguest to self-evict. That changed with the departure of Megan, as her mental health and well-being were causes for her departure. It is not for this writer to judge Megan’s reasons for leaving, but it will be said that it is hoped she handles the pressure well going forward.

At this time, three episodes of the season have aired. Events are moving fast in the House, with Cody (as current HoH) having made enemies of multiple players and game moves tat confuse even his strongest allies. Two sides of the house haven’t quite formed yet, with a lot of intermingling still occurring and lines not fully drawn out. This season has the potential to be tumultuous and full of drama – a possibility that has fans salivating.

After last season’s lackluster performance, it is indeed welcome.