Off To The Races

Going into this season of Big Brother, there was no way to know how this group of Houseguests would interact with each other. Would we see a mediocre cast, one that fell into place behind one master strategist a la last year? Would we see a group that didn’t mesh well at all? What would we see?

It seems no one could have predicted the cast we have – and as a result, we have one of the most exciting opening weeks of Big Brother in terms of gameplay, scheming and strategy.

No recap of the week and its results can be started without mentioning the overarching theme of the season to date – players overplaying their game. From a plethora of alliances that overlapped each other, to game players being revealed for the overly complicated game players they were, we have seen a highly entertaining train wreck of new player game play. People have come into the House with the mistaken belief that this was a sprint and not a marathon. In essence, they took the wrong lesson from Derrick – a complicated strategy is good, but it has to be played out slowly and inconspicuously.

No one has epitomized this more than Audrey, to date – from attempting to control a tense fight situation between Clay and Da’Vonne before the feeds launched (a situation that was revealed on the CBS show, which explained much of the tension between Da’Vonne and several other players) to building complicated alliances that were overlapping between different sides of the house, Audrey has become the BB10 Brian of this season. Unlike Brian, she has managed to survive mostly in part to a player she initially helped target early on with her then-primary alliance.

Jace was seen early on as a threat by the dual Heads of Household, James and Jason. This was a situation that allowed for the Backdoor Strategy to be used against him, which played out to perfection. This, in turn, led to a week of campaigning and maneuvering that was intense yet entertaining to watch play out on the Feeds.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough – this season has seen a revitalization of the Feeds product that cannot be understated. From fans relishing the drama, to determining which Twin was in the game thanks to the Twin Twist – a twist that, surprising many, has only been initiated 5 times this season to date – to watching the other Houseguests figure out game play going forward, the feeds have been excellent to date. While it is no guarantee that this will remain the case, this season has begun with promise.

That promise is set to continue with this week’s primary twist. The week’s game change is that one person will win the opportunity to eliminate three other players’ votes in next week’s evictions. It has been pointed out that this will eliminate the possibility of a tie vote, which sets some additional intrigue to the week.

This season, to date, has seen things that typically irritate fans be turned on their heads. The cast is great to watch, the twists have been interesting (save for the continuing complaints of the entire Battle of the Block scenario) and the gameplay has been exciting. Time will tell if this continues.

Week One Results

Week 1 Head of Household: James, defeated Jason in BotB competition

James is one of the rare Heads of Household that comes out of Week One unscathed and comfortable. His main target has been eliminated, his new target is persona non grata and no one is aiming for him. Overall, his week can be easily seen as a success – and in the process, the Hillbilly Asian came out as an enjoyable player on his own.

Week 1 Veto Winner: Steve, Saved himself, Jace placed on block

Steve has been portrayed by his fellow Houseguests as an Ian clone, a comparison that is unfair in nature. In truth, he is his own player and this was proved in a dominant performance in the Veto Competition. He isn’t seen as a threat just yet, and that works to his advantage.

Week 1 Evictee: Jace

Jace never had a chance. Simply put, he was seen as a social and game threat by the HoH and as a result, he was targeted by the majority of the House. His campaign efforts fell mostly on deaf ears (save, ironically, for Steve – a man whom Jace threatened in order to stay in the game, not realizing Steve was already working to try and keep him) and the 12-1 vote against him was a fait accompli.

Week 1 Player of the Week: James

It cannot be stressed enough how good of a week James had. His objectives were all accomplished, and he secured his place in his alliance(s) well with his game play. Good work, all around.

Week 1 Goat of the Week: Audrey

Audrey went from a secure spot to the next target with her overcomplicated gameplay, and was seen as more of a threat than the person being voted out. Jace even essentially campaigned for her to be the next person evicted, a wish that may come true if the week plays out against her. With one of her game enemies winning a spot as dual HoH, this is a distinct possibility.

Game Move of the Week: Audrey attempts to perform damage control on Da’Vonne and Clay’s fight.

The Five Alive alliance, a fake team-up, ended up serving one purpose – revealing the duplicitous nature of Audrey’s game. Had she kept things simple, Audrey would have been in a secure spot for weeks. This, however, was not the most influential came play that Audrey made. Audrey’s attempt to keep things cool between Clay and Da’Vonne ended up with the reverse effect as the two have a still-simmering distrust. Further, Da’Vonne came way distrusting Audrey afterwards. This one move has set up the dominoes that followed and led to much of the fallout since.

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