Once More, Unto The Breach

With the rising temperatures and passing of seasons, the thoughts and fancies of a few million people turn once more to a small studio set in Los Angeles. Here, 16 people will once more compete for half a million dollars while several of us watch intently looking for all sorts of action, backstabbing and fascinating social interactions. We will comb through words and deeds, looking for any sort of entertainment value that can be thrust upon us by these people.

In other words… Big Brother 17 has begun – and not a moment too soon.

Certain aspects of the show are familiar to us all – the set remains the same with dressing changes to reflect the new season. Julie Chen returns once more to host the show, and the cameras are broadcasting in HD for their second season. The theme and general presentation remain the same, as well as our location for watching feeds in the form of the CBS website.

This is not to say that there aren’t new features. Indeed, the very nature of the show is being tweaked with the introduction of a new twist each week. The season’s main twists are familiar, though not necessarily to new viewers. This season sees the following, reintroduced this year:

  • The Battle of the Block returns after last season, with two HoHs winning each week and the picking of four nominees. Once these are picked, the two pairs of nominees compete to see who comes off of the block.
  • The Twin Twist, a very popular game twist from Big Brother’s Season 5, returns though at this time there are no clear indications on which Houseguest is being portrayed by two people. As with Season 5’s Natalie and Adria, should the Twins survive to Week 5 they will be allowed to both compete in the game.
  • Another twist returns in the form of a pair of Houseguests returning who know each other in real life. In this case, it takes the form of “Amazing Race” competitors Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra.

At this point, there is more known than a mere 48 hours prior to the feeds coming online. We know that James and Jason have won the first HoH competitions. We know that Vanessa is a Have-Not, based upon a feeds leak from earlier in the day. We know that there is suspicion from Da’Vonne towards both Audrey and the Racers.

Beyond that, however… we don’t really know anything about the game or the other Houseguests – and that’s a good thing. Already we’ve seen variations on competitions pay out to entertaining results. We’ve seen a first, in the form of the first trans Houseguest in US BB History. We’ve seen the first crossover from “Amazing Race” to our show.

All in all, not a bad start to the season.

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