Out Of The Gates

Big Brother’s first weeks can be a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to repercussions that reverberate through the game. Some seasons (Big Brother 5, as an example) have minimal repercussions that can be seen as game-changing. The eviction of Mike “The Don” did little to make major changes to the rest of the season. Other seasons have had major events occur in Week 1 that define the rest of the game – witness Paul’s return in Big Brother 19 as an example.

Big Brother 20, for its status as a rare modern “all newbie” cast, has had no less than three major events that should lead to lasting effects through the game.

The first is the win by Sam of the potential return power in the first four weeks. To have the ability to nullify an eviction – or the chance to do so – is a major power in this game. To have it fall in the hands of an eviction nominee is big – Sam’s capability to take herself out of eviction would have disrupted the possible plans of an entire alliance in FOUTTE. Of course, as it turned out this was unnecessary.

The second event of major importance is one that was unexpected – the victory by Tyler as first HoH. To have a truly game-savvy player win this early is big – early HoH winners tend to be less knowledgeable of the game, and as such they make mistakes that cast them dearly. Tyler is an actual student of the game and a serious fan. His read of the House, the players and events as they have occurred has been fairly spot-on, and his moves (especially in light of his work to keep himself safe with both alliances once he is out as HoH) have been impressive to date.

The third was what seemed to be minor initially, but turned into a major event – the eventual turning of Kaitlyn due to Faysal’s actions. This is where Tyler’s previously mentioned game savvy turned into a huge asset – by recognizing the vulnerability of Kaitlyn to being turned, he weakened the FOUTTE alliance at a key critical time. At the time of this writing, the FOUTTE alliance has no idea who turned and cracks are beginning to form already.

In terms of presentation and game play, it is clear that Production stepped up their game this season. From a great dual-competition power comp to a Veto competition in five stages that showed innovation in design and thought, it is clear that we are not getting retread competitions and old Houseguest hosts. For a show in its 22nd season, Big Brother still has something left in the tank.

We’ve also seen some good work in the TV Show’s presentation. A key example is the presented conversation between Faysal and Tyler during the Veto competition. This conversation showed great effort by Tyler to show a false loyalty to F.O.U.T.T.E. that has continued to appear as real. A kudos to the TV side is in order.

We’re only two weeks into the Houseguests’ stay in the House, but so far we’ve seen a captivating show to date. This is an old-school season in terms of feel an play, and it is fun to watch.

Week One Recap:

Week One HoH: Tyler

A definite successful week for Tyler in terms of personal gameplay, he managed to appear loyal to one side while playing smartly with the other. He is in a prime position to stay safe following his week as HoH.

Week One Veto Winner: Faysal, Did Not Use Veto

With a win, Faysal (at the time) ensured that the intended nominees remained on the Block. This was the most successful aspect of his game this week, though, as his actions led to the eventual ouster of a game ally.

Week One Nominees: Sam, Steve

Week One Evictee: Steve

Steve fell due to a blindside orchestrated by Tyler, but this was not entirely his fault. His alliance with FOUTTE was his downfall more than anything else, but he did not prove to be someone strong enough to keep around either.

Star of the Week, Week One: SamBot

This is, admittedly, a bit of a stretch – but there was no other Houseguest that captivated and angered fans as much as the SamBot twist. Enjoyment of the twist was on par with anger at the inherent unfairness of it, as it took a player out of the hosue during critical times for making social inroads. Many agreed that it was a good twist but the idea of it being upfront in a season seemed wrong. Still, this conversation led to Sam being a major trending player outside, and her current power predicament.

Goat of the Week, Week One: Faysal

It was almost inevitable that the evictee of this week would be the Goat, given how tonight played out. Then, Faysal showed his weakness in playing this game. First, he proved so unmemorable as to be the lesat trending Houseguest online. Then, he misread feelings by Kaitlyn and turned his attentions onto Hayleigh – an act that, when caught, led Kaitlyn into the arms of Level Six. This earned Goat of the Week honors, hands down.

Game Move of the Week: Tyler successfully lures Kaitlyn into voting against Steve.

This is a BB All-Stars move. Tyler’s ability to support and comfort Kaitlyn allowed him to get in close enough to convince her to switch sides. It is far too early to see how this plays out, but as an early game move this is one of the greats.