Parting Shots

How a player chooses to leave and make their final memory known in the BB House is entirely their choice. Some choose a very classy exit, others an excited or joyful exit so as to not get upset. Others, well… Others do not take eviction or exit too well. If one does not believe this, simply look at Jessie’s second departure after the HoH/Juror Return competition ended for her.

In truth, Jessie’s crude shoutout towards Amanda was indicative of her game overall – not well thought-out, and played more as a reaction than an action. Others who departed did not do so with the same poor gamesmanship. Helen’s departure was simple and classy, as was Candice’s shortly afterwards.

As fans, we often tend to appreciate all types of departures. Oftentimes, it is for a player we are not a fan of and as such, we simply want to see them flame out when they depart. Others have been surprising in their exits – BB11’s Russell left with one of the classier, polite exits this blogger has seen. When the game was over, the game was over – and it showed in his exit. Another example of a gracious exit was BB13’s Adam, a player who understood he’d made it as far as he could and left thanking the final two players remaining.

Helen had the unfortunate luck of having to say goodbye twice tonight, but in doing so showed a dignified presence. Candice, in her departure, was equally classy and gracious for the opportunity to return.

After the returning players were whittled down to one, we knew more about the future landscape of the game. Elissa has won HoH, and Judd has returned to play again. The game board has been changed, with Helen finally removed from the equation. Amanda and McCrae are finally in a position of potential weakness, and Aaryn is a big target of the new HoH. We will know more by Saturday night’s veto competition, but until then the House should be very interesting to watch.


Week Nine Results:

Week Nine Head of Household: Aaryn

Aaryn’s week had the potential to be cancelled out completely, had Helen returned. Instead, Aaryn did manage to remove a power player and potential Roadblock to victory. How this week goes for her will be quite different, but the season’s power competition player will have her own future in her hands.


Week Nine Veto Winner: Elissa

Elissa managed to win Veto in a physical and mental comp that showed the Reilly competitive streak might not have skipped the younger sister, after all. This, coupled with her new HoH win, signifies a possible change in fortunes for the mumbling one.


Week Nine Evictee: Helen

In the end, the political operative sealed her fate by not taking the big moves she pushed others to make. Helen’s failing in this game was being too safe in a season where taking a risk could end up pushing someone to the Final Two. When she fell from her perch in the HoH comp, it simply landed as the soft thud of a collapsed game.


Week Nine Star of the Week: Judd

Let’s face it – whoever won the Returning Player this week was getting this spot. With Candace’s fall, J U Double-D earned his spot back in the game. The 5-time applicant made the most of this return shot, and in the process brought a glimmer of hope to many fans.


Week Nine Goat of the Week: Jessie

In a week where we had a woman crying behind a garbage can, another crying because she wouldn’t get a vote in the end and all players crawling and walking in the dark through slime, it took a real act of poor sportsmanship to take the goat this week. Jessie provided that with her poor attitude and cursing towards Production and Amanda in particular. It speaks volumes that a woman who had not been in the House for a week still managed to come out the worst.


Game Play Move of the Week: Elissa wins Veto, securing Helen’s departure in the process

Elissa’s win of the Veto saved her game, and also secured the departure of her strongest (and only) ally. Her HoH win afterwards was a huge win at the right time, but she likely would have been taken out had she not won when it mattered.

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