Rachel Gets Her Puppy Back

Shelly’s return of Rachel’s stuffed dog was very telling last night. When Kalia came in to the bedroom Rachel mentioned the dog to try to get a guilty reaction. It did make Kalia a little nervous, but she didn’t say a word about the dog. Shelly obviously knew where the dog was and did one of her patented “I’m a fun mom” moves with the whispering thing. Sounded like she stuck her little dog through the doorway to tell them.

Rachel’s only reaction was to note that Shelly told her where the dog was and Kalia didn’t, she didn’t respond emotionally at all. Live feed fans weren’t happy about that, but it demonstrates that Rachel’s thinking about how she shows up to everyone else a lot more than she did a few weeks ago. However, she still tends to over-think and over-analyze, not nearly as much as Brendon, but still more than most. That’s why she majored in Chem.

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