Rachel Rights Her Wrong

When Rachel and Brendon first walked into the Big Brother house this season I, like so many folks, let out a little scream of protest at my TV monitor, “What? Ya gotta be kiddin me!” Rachel had been such an emotional player, a bridge burner, a bitch, irrational and unlikeable. She seemed repelled by other females, like a cat in heat on the loose. Sadly her anthem became the famous, “No one gets between me and my man.” For all that she didn’t even win, and here she was walking right back into our three-day habit looking very un-remorseful. But CBS gave us Jeff and Jordan, and Evel Dick and Daniele, and a whole bunch of sparkly newbies to distract our annoyance. It would be okay, it really would.

True to form, Rachel started to play herself out in the beginning, picking stupid fights with other HG’s, crying at failed competitions, playing too hard and too fast. Yep, this was the same Rachel we had come to hate, and the producers played it up as best they could, even inserting a special theme of dramatic music: aka Rachel’s Theme.

But then something happened. Brendon left. Twice. Now, I have no doubt these two love each other and outside of the game things are probably awesome. But inside the game his presence was a distraction, and his leaving made a huge difference. After Rachel finished her crying (with possible therapy in the DR) she changed her outlook. She changed her game.

For weeks I was saying she should partner up with another female, Dani was high on my list. They would have been great as the Bitchin’ Duo. Even Rachel admitted recently how she regrets not being able to battle it out with Dani to the end. Sadly it won’t happen. But Kalia, who is not a strong physical competitor, has proven to be great at overall gameplay (mind you, not physical competitions). It will be interesting to see these two fight it out these next few weeks, our last for BB 13. Yes, our last. Isn’t it sad?

I just want to say again how much I like this real Rachel. She certainly deserves love and a beautiful wedding and a happy life. And I think the Rachel we’re loving now is the one Brendon sees all the time. I wish them the best.

So there you have it. I’m team Rachel now, all the way. Jordan needs to try harder at competitions. I think she gives up way too easy when things get sticky and painful. But she has played a great social game, as she has even said herself. You cannot dispute that claim when she’s gotten this far two times. But, yeah, it’s kind of disappointing to watch her trudging through comps. Come on, girl!

I love how on Thursday Rachel kept saying she was going to win HOH, and she did. She even said to Porsche, “Can I borrow some of your coconut water? I’ll share mine from my HOH basket tonight.” She knew she would win it, because she had to win it. And when it came time to push herself, she did. And lastly, my favorite line of the season came from her DR after Shelly offered to give her a ring for safety. “I don’t want to hold your stupid ring, lady.” Yeah. Don’t ever offer a diva a fake ring.

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