Rachel Wins Endurance Veto

Yesterday’s surprise opening of Pandora’s Box paired up the remaining houseguests before nominations and gave the HoH “duo” of Porsche and Kalia $5,000 each. Jordan and Rachel, the two remaining Veterans, were nominated for eviction as a duo by Porsche. Because of the Pandora Duo twist, a nominee winning the veto would save both nominees, removing them from the block together.

Rachel hung on for a victory late this afternoon in an endurance-style Veto competition. She and Jordan will be safe for another week. The only remaining duo, Adam and Shelly, will replace them on the block during Monday’s Veto Ceremony. With the numbers in the house dwindling, only two votes are needed this week to send someone to Jury, so power shifts to the Veterans.

Shelly is the most likely to leave, having burned her bridges with Jordan by evicting Jeff and siding with Daniele last week. She hasn’t been on Rachel’s good side in a long while. Shelly has never tried to mend fences with Rachel, being confrontational and sometimes openly hostile. She even went so far as to steal Rachel’s stuffed puppy from her bed.

Directly after the feeds returned, Adam was already jokingly pleading to Rachel and Jordan for their vote. Shelly, knowing her likely fate, turned in frustration to bitter insults and accusations towards Rachel, her favorite target.

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Can’t stand the crying and sneaking from Shelly     What a B—-!!! Hop[e she gets put out soon. Wonder what her daughter thinks of her now

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