Reality TV Psych Out

Have you ever thought about the psychological disadvantage of being on a show like Big Brother, and whether what we see is pure reality? Is reality TV a joke? What IS reality? Do I sound like Doug Henning? I’ve pondered it a bit and think that this season, over any other, is a good example of how someone’s personal life can become so compressed with fake conflict that they literally begin to falter with the truth. Take Daniele who started this game barely speaking to her father, and now in his absence has taken on his characteristics in order to survive. Is she behaving in a reality based way, or are we seeing an authentic Danielle? Whatever it is, it suits her well IN THIS GAME.

On the other hand, you have Rachel and Brendon who are so affected by their relationship with the other contestants that they’ve banded together and are vowing to death do us part, only this ain’t death, it’s just Big Brother. Theirs is poisonous relationship folks, and the show has brought it to the surface, for better or worse. Brendon controls Rachel way too much and, even though she’s a drama queen, she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he treats her. So . . . don’t slip on that ring, don’t kiss the bride. Brendon, take a step outside.

I wonder what would happen to me should I ever get picked to be on Big Brother? Well, first of all, they wouldn’t pick me because I sing too much and I look like hell in the morning, but barring all that and I actually did make it on, what would happen? Would all my normal sensible reactions go off kilter? Would I switch to attack/survival mode without even knowing? Would I start eating all the time, like Kalia? Would bathrobes become the most important treasure in my life, like Lawon? Is it like Ghostbusters where all your fears come to life a la giant Stay Puft marshmallow dude? It’s a bad trip on that show, man. Whoever gets to the end deserves the money. And forgiveness. And a vacation from reality.

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