Reaping The Whirlwind

In all truth, she should have seen it coming.

Bayleigh’s eviction on Thursday night capped off a week that saw house meetings, an explosive fight, rage and feelings of being persecuted – when in fact, much of the blame for Bayleigh’s eviction could only be placed at her own feet. While the ramifications of the week that was have yet to play out, we have seen a definite end to a major story of the season. However, the end of Bayleigh’s season also comes with a subtle shift in perception about this cast, and the Level 6 Alliance members find themselves in a position to lose dearly if they fail to take heed of the lessons of the past week.

But first (which may be the first time that phrase has appeared in this article), it is important to examine where Bayleigh’s game finally broke down completely. Going into the week, Bayleigh maintained a power that had finally been exposed to the House. However, at a time where her alliance was weakest she refused to use it to save herself or her teammates. The sad truth of this is that using the power may have had no effect, save for one – it would have removed the primary reason for Bayleigh to be targeted for eviction.

Adding to this was the reason given for Bayleigh’s nomination – the perception that she had the Hacker power. While this must have come as a shock, it was still able to be overcome had her reaction to the House Meeting been less furious. Instead, Bayleigh went after those who had targeted her – and with her primary focus on Tyler, it galvanized and crystallized the movement to evict her.

With Bayleigh gone, the power shifts in the House in multiple ways. Haleigh has taken something of a leader role in her alliance, with her HoH win. Level 6, after being in control in ways both obvious and subtle, now finds themselves in an odd position of out of power for now. Here, it is important that they learn the lessons from the past week – play cool, pay attention to the shifts in the game and see who is playing in what manner. As of this writing, so far Angela and Kaycee appear to be aware of the likely way in which the week will play out. This is good, as if they wish to survive intact they will need to play the week carefully. This may not be possible, however, depending on who gets nominated and who wins Hacker this week.

At the halfway point of the season, the power has seen a shift. What comes of it will be made clear in the next 48 hours.

Week Six Recap:

Week Six HoH: Angela

All things considered, Angela’s HoH week has been a success for her alliance and for her. She removed a major player on the opposite side, and was not seen as the full force behind the eviction. She will likely see some blowback this week from Haleigh, but for now she has come out alright.

Week Six Nominees: Initial – Rockstar, Bayleigh (Scottie removed by hacker, Tyler removed by Veto)

Week Six Hacker Winner: Haleigh, nominated Tyler and removed Scottie

Week Six Veto Winner: Angela, Removed Tyler and nominated Bayleigh

After the stress of the past week, it must be a relief for Rockstar to be off of the block. Surviving the week was not entirely assured until Bayleigh’s screaming argument with Tyler, but she can now relax knowing she is not a target this week.

Week Six Evictee: Bayleigh

Bayleigh becomes the first juror and after an entertaining interview with Julie, she goes to relax for a week of solitude. After the stress of the past few weeks, it is much deserved.

Star of the Week, Week Six: Haleigh

Haleigh won the Hacker competition, then drove the major events of the rest of the week when she admitted this to the House. Adding to this, she ended up winning HoH tonight. After this, it is easy to name her star of the week.

Goat of the Week, Week Six: Bayleigh

Needless to say, it was a rough week.

Game Move of the Week: Angela blindsides Bayleigh by nominating her and accusing her of being the Hacker.

It was tempting to say Haleigh’s Hacker confession was the game move, but this served to backfire immensely. Instead, it was Angela’s nomination of Bayleigh for eviction that drove the week and changed the movement of the game.