Rerun Week

In the history of Big Brother, there have been few HouseGuests that have managed to come back into the game in the same season. Big Brother has only performed the Revive-a-Player move in four seasons. Twice, the returning player has managed to last more than a single week. BB3’s Amy was the most successful, and she only got to Fourth place. Oftentimes, the returning player is seen as a “major threat” that “must be sent packing.”

The problem with a returning HouseGuest, of course, is that the rest of the house loses whatever momentum had been building. Energy must now be spent in getting the returned player back to whence they came, and in that sense the week they go is lost. Based on this logic, it is easy to see why Danielle’s own analysis was that the last two weeks were a failure.

In point of fact, the second departure of Brendon is a forced waste of a week- an action that had to be repeated because of the failure to remove Rachel the week before. Make no mistake, had Kalia stuck with the plan to get Rachel out then this week would never have happened. Yes, Rachel would have returned- Brendon would have sacrificed his own play in the game for her continued participation- but removal of Rachel a second week in a row would have been an extremely viable option for Daniele. She would lose the benefit of Kalia’s HoH reign, but both would be gone and Lawon would still be there to fight alongside her.

That is now all in the past, and Brendon is now in the Purgatory known as The Jury House. In the aftermath, we have the repeat of one of the most grueling types of competition in Big Brother. Physical endurance comps are most difficult, most draining competitions they can use, and this was no exception. Those who lose are often drained afterward (think Britney hugging Lane last year after Brendon’s rope comp win), and if the house pariah wins then the rest of the guests are left in a state of loss. That didn’t happen this time, and a guy who really needed a win under his belt has won the HoH. More importantly, someone most of the house can deal with easily is in charge. A Rachel win would have been hell on the house, and this week could be a unifying one should the group decide that The Redhead needs to go.

The challenge for Jeff this week will be in who he decides to trust. Clearly he has Jordan on his side, as well as Adam and Shelly to an extent. Dani will be nervous, and rightfully so- her move to backdoor Jeff puts her in the target this week, and her ally Kalia runs the same risk. Jeff also has to do better this time around by not letting the power go to his head. Success never works out too well for Jeff in the game, and this is his opportunity to ensure that he doesn’t screw things up once more.

Winners of the Week:

Jeff- Having won the HoH in a very difficult physical endurance comp, he’s earned a week’s respite from the fear of going up.
Kalia- As Dani’s sidekick and the one seen as “not the brains of the outfit,” she is in a better position long-term than Dani.
Shelly- Let’s be honest- Shelly was never in any real danger, and coasted through a nomination week.
Porsche- The Purple Tracksuit hanger glided through the week without any real danger, once more. She’s getting dangerously close to being in a position to win this thing.

Star of the Week:

Dani- The Scion of Dick finally accomplished what few had done before- she took Brendon out of the game twice. That’s a game move that one can hold with pride.

Losers of the Week:

Rachel- The Redhead lost her fiancee again, after a week of him being back. She’s paranoid tonight and rightly so.
Brendon- The Toe never stood a chance of staying in long-term. America voted him back in, and the House vetoed that vote.
Lawon- His loss last week is made even worse in that Brendon is already gone again. At least he had the fortune of being able to go back to his real life early.

Game Change of the Week:

Brendon’s return, which forced a repeat week to ensure his revival was short-lived. America provided the game change that caused paranoia throughout the house, and the only downside was that he seemed more sedate this time around.

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