Reverse The Curse

In Week Four, Daniele swore she would change the dynamic of the game: Mission Accomplished! Following one of the most emotionally topsy-turvy Big Brother weeks seen in ages, we find ourselves with Brenchel torn asunder, a Newbie in power and the house control reversed from previous weeks.

Before we move on from the past week, it must be noted how successful Dani’s run as HoH actually was. Granted, there was a little bit of luck- but every HoH that succeeds has that happen. In this case, it was Brendon’s questionable plan to save Rachel rather than himself that allowed Dani to keep the target on her main rival in the game. More than Jeff or anyone else, Brendon represented the polar opposite of Daniele’s game play. His departure is one less stumbling block for the scion of Evel.

Moving to this coming week, we have a new Head of Household and her reign will be, at the very least, verbose. Kalia ran through the Elimination-style competition with ease, barely waiting for any question to be completed. Additionally, Kalia showed excellent strategy in her choice of who went against whom in the comp. Those who had underestimated her before had to be impressed with her quick action at each answer, and it is clear that while she talks… a LOT… she has also been paying attention.

The question going into this week is how the rise of power will affect Kalia. It’s entirely possible that she rides through this week with ease, and already there is an easy target for maintaining “peace in the house.” However, the possibility of someone returning has already been discussed in the house less than an hour after the live show, and clearly the Houseguests are weighing the future very carefully.

Week 4 Evicted player:

Brendon- Given his arrogance and lack of social game, Brendon’s fall was almost predestined. That it happened before Rachel this year was a refreshing change, to be honest. Without the smothering effect of his “love” for her, Rachel has a chance to finally bloom and redeem herself. Brendon made the same mistakes as he did in Big Brother 12 but added a new one this year- his willingness to turn on his alliance at the drop of a hat. The lack of real loyalty towards the rest of the Veterans alliance combined with brutish behavior towards the Newbies made the Neanderthal an easy target for eviction.

Winners of the week:

Kalia- Not only did her “bestie” win HoH last week and take out a major target, but she also followed it up with a win herself. Well done, all around.
Daniele- Daniele had a successful HoH run, and came out fo the week without a target on her back from someone in power.
Jeff- Jeff pretty much had the best of all worlds this week. He was able to lay low all week, and no campaigning was ever necessary to save his love from eviction. Additionally, we saw the return (finally) of “Fun Jeff,” a guy whose sense of humor is pretty nice to be around.
Jordan- Unsurprisingly, the Li’l Blonde Ditz was never seen as being in any real danger to go out of the house this time around. Combine that with her personality and she seems in a safe spot for a few weeks at least.

Star of the Week:

Adam- Never before has someone responded so well to a completely ridiculous suit, but Adam wore it with pride and humor in spades. The Elf got some respect.

Losers of the Week:

Rachel- Someone had to have a Terrible, horrible, No-Good Very Bad Week and it was our favorite target that suffered this week. Perhaps Production can give her some cookies to back as consolation.
Porsche- As the odd newbie out, she cast the only additional vote to keep Brendon. Already n the house, Porsche has been nervousing about whether or not she is safe. Until the Veto Ceremony is complete, she won’t know for sure.

Game Change of the Week:

The Veto Deal. Jeff and Jordan approached Daniele once the Veto comp was completed, and Jordan offered herself as a pawn to ensure Brendon’s removal. This guaranteed his eviction, led Rachel to an emotional collapse and ensured that Daniele would survive for at least the next two weeks if not beyond.

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