Second Verse Same as the First

Frank chose to not use the Veto today, keeping his nomination of Wil and Joe the same, no big surprise. Frank, holding all the power in his hands, toyed with the idea of turning on his newly minted ‘Silent Six’ alliance and taking out one more coach by taking Joe off the block and replacing him with Dan. After debating with himself (and a number of others) about a possible backdoor of Dan, Boogie once again talked him off the ledge.

All week Boogie has been trying to make Frank look long term and not act on his fear of Dan in the game. Boogie knows that keeping the Silent Six intact will cause much less drama, distrust and chaos in the house. Even though one reason Frank wanted to put up Dan was his relationship with Boogie, citing a conversation he overheard of ‘Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd’ (he’s three), there’s no question that Boogie is still in control of Frank.

The most tension this weekend in the house occurred last night when Wil and Ashley paid a visit to the HOH and proposed a deal. If Frank took anybody off the block – Wil was fine with staying on – and replaced him with another target, they would be all of forming an alliance with him and Boogie and Joe would most likely stick with them as well. Frank was tempted since Dan has targeted him for eviction in the past two weeks, though why he would rather be aligned with multiple weak players who probably won’t win much as opposed to the competitors who have mostly proven themselves in the game.

Meanwhile the conscious members of the quack pack; Britney, Danielle and Ian, were on high alert after Britney went in to the HOH ‘for some tea’ and saw two thirds of Team Tits with Frank. After they were back downstairs, Britney sent Ian up for a recon mission to see if they had to ‘rally the troops’, Ian, in his excitement almost broke an ankle sprinting inside from the hot tub.

Going to work on Frank upstairs, he let him think he was with him no matter what he did, simultaneously talking him out of it at the same time. Since he’s not supposed to know about the Silent Six, he had to word everything carefully while trying to protect both alliances. After a good while upstairs, he reported to Brit and Danielle that Dan was in danger, but there was nothing that they could change. Assuring them that he was almost sure it wouldn’t happen, they decided to keep quiet and see how things went down, Dan none the wiser.

Boogie succeeded in reigning Frank in this week by keeping the nominations the same, keeping another coach in the house and hopefully keeping the trust in the Silent Six. Though what he doesn’t know is that Ian alerted them to the danger and they trust them less than ever.

So Wil or Joe will be leaving this week, the cards are still up in the air on whom, so they need to keep themselves in everyone’s good side. Wish them luck, they’ll need all that they can get.

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