Second Verse Same as the First

All things considered, this week is very similar to last week. We have two couples in the house, Brenchel is in full effect and Lawon is contributing just as much now as he did all season. Lawon’s departure from the game was not surprising given the antics of the HouseGuests in Week 5, but Brendon’s return with over a million votes cast in his favor was a shocker to those online. Many (including this blogger) assumed that the vote would come down to Cassi and Dom. Clearly, we were mistaken.

In retrospect, however, this isn’t much of a surprise at all. There are two things that Big Brother fans adore more than anything- drama, and stupidity. Brendon’s return provides the drama. Unfortunately, Kalia provided the stupidity in spades this week. Kalia wasted the week, lost an ally and put in a weak competitor against a strong returning game player. Part of this is not her fault- the HouseGuests had no idea that former players would return, and putting Lawon in against a returning Brendon was unforeseeable. Still…

It must be said this way: How in the HELL do you vote out one of your alliance members when you don’t know how the game will play out? When you have no way of knowing for sure how a twist will play out, why do you deviate from the normal plan of attack and method of operation?

Kalia’s strategic play this week was abhorrent, to say the least. She failed to target the strongest competitive player in the house. She allowed herself to be guided by a player that had no interest in Kalia’s well-being, and in the process guided her alliance into a position of total weakness. Worse, she placed her alliance partner Daniele in a position of total weakness. Daniele and Kalia are marked for eviction by 5 different players, and will have to fight to have a chance of staying beyind the next couple weeks.

One last note- Lawon may take the cake for worst gameplay move ever. His volunteering for nomination is the single event that guaranteed his eviction and removal from the game. Had Lawon not volunteered, someone else (most likely Porsche) would have been sitting in Julie’s Boudoir tonight.

Winners of the week:

Rachel- After the initial crying avalanches she came through strong, and not only did she survive the week she managed to got her strongest ally back.
Brendon- The Neandertal returns after a week, makes it to Jury and has a THIRD chance to play the game.
Jeff/Jordan- Once again, they are no longer the biggest target couple with Brenchal’s return. They are sitting pretty for at least another two to three weeks.

Star of the Week:

Shelly- She masterminded the downfall of Kalia’s term as HoH, came up with the master plan to save Rachel and instigated the biggest shift in house power all season. Shelly is clearly in control of the game at this point, and the rest of the HouseGuests are merely her chess pieces.

Losers of the week:

Kalia- Her entire HoH was successful in only one sense- she got her intended target removed from the game. Too bad it was her ally and partner, Lawon.
Lawon- The look on his face after the competition said it all.
Daniele- She was in a battle of wits and never knew it, and her enemy has more life experience and the additional skill of  business acumen. In this competition, Dani never stood a chance.

Game Change of the Week:

Shelly’s plan and execution of said plan to save Rachel is the game change of the week, if not the entire season. No one move this year has made a bigger shift in power in the house, and no one move had a bigger influence in how the house dynamic would proceed going forward. With the Veterans back at full strength, the Newbies are scattered and scurrying for cover.

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Brilliantly written and right on. However, don’t think shelly will ever get the kudos she justly deserves. She truly is a player even tho not strong in competitions. At this point of the game, she gets my vote for AP.

Love it! Quite Accurate too I just would like to see your thoughts on the hack editing job on Wed’s episode, what do you think of Shelly masterming the powershift and literally Kalia opening her mouth and as you put it “Shelly’s game came out” but none of that was shown. Will that impact America’s view of Shelly in the future?

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