Shane Down, Danielle Up

Shane chose to use the Veto today, taking himself off the Block and securing his place in the final four. With the Quack Pack back together, Ian chose Danielle as the replacement nominee, keeping his ‘Final Two’ partner Dan safe. With Danielle on the Block next to Jenn and only Shane and Dan voting this week, it’s probably the safest she’s felt while sitting in the hot seat so far this summer.

After promising Jenn that she would never vote her out, Dani’s in a good position with her as a Jury Vote because she won’t have to go back on her word. Yet Jenn is not giving up (though she should), vowing to campaign to stay and feeling like she has a lot of game left in her. Of course, if she has actually played the game during the first two thirds, that argument would be worth a lot more.

With the early eviction looming, Jenn has even less time to campaign than she thinks, not that it’ll matter. It looks like the QP will be the final four and it will be interesting to see how things play out before the final three eviction on Thursday.

Ian is looked at by the rest as a major threat, none of them want to sit next to him in the Final Two. Being unable to play for the HOH is a major problem for him, even though he may not see it as such a big deal. Truth is, I think his only chance to be in the Final Three is if he wins the last Veto. Otherwise, if he’s on the block come eviction time he’ll be walking out the door.

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