Shane Off, Danielle Up

In the late morning Veto Ceremony today, Shane took himself off of the block and Frank named Danielle as the replacement nominee. Now, with JoJo and Danielle sitting in the nomination chairs, the house has to decide who to send out the door. Jo Jo, the spunky Staten Islander who talks big game and well… talks. Or Danielle, the Southern Belle, who in Real Life is a Nurse at 23. However when she says it, it sounds an awful lot like ‘Kindergarten Teacher’.

There are many reasons to keep and evict both, but it seems that the house is still reeling from Willie’s Hantzheadedness, so the target still firmly remains on his former ally JoJo. She was target #2 on the BB Hit List after the chips fell over Willie’s explosion.  Added to that is the fact that JoJo is viewed as more dangerous player in the game physically and has more of a chance in the HOH endurcance competitions.

Danielle, the sole player surviving on Team Dan, seems to be the classic floater in the Big Brother House, a proven tactic that sometimes works to win the game. While in that position though, she uses her perceptive mind to read other players and try to stay on everyone’s good side. She and Shane, who won Veto for the second consecutive week and she replaced on the block, seem to be starting their version of a Showmance, and it will be interesting to see him choose between his team mate and his storyline.

If she does leave, however, it will send Dan out the door, leaving three coaches in the house. We think. Chances are that the house will send JoJo out the door, though she will no doubt be campaigning her butt off until Thursday.

We’ll see which way the Big Brother axe swings on Thursday night!

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