Shane Used Veto – Frank & Joe Up

So sure of his players’ security, Boogie made a rookie mistake last night – going to bed early. Even after a conversation where Britney said that in her opinion the winners in Big Brother are the ones who stay up the latest, since they get time to plot, he was still in bed at 10 o’clock; leaving the HOH door clear for Team Janelle to wheel and deal their way out of a certain eviction.

And what a job Team Janelle did, working overtime until the wee hours of the morning convincing Shane and Britney that the best option was to backdoor Frank. Unsure of how the votes would play out, Britney was reluctant to commit to anything without making sure that they would have the votes evict him.

Wil was the major question mark in her mind, since the rumor that he and Frank had a final two deal had been floating around the house, started than none other than Wil himself. Wil thought that Shane and Frank had a Final two deal themselves, so he threw out Ian’s name as a replacement nominee, instead of Frank. Not quite thinking the plan through, that only made Britney certain he had a deal with Frank, and would vote to keep him if he was on the block.

So, in a late night strategy session, Janelle and her players who would have a potential vote this week met in the HOH to clear the air. Ashley, who was the only option to take off the block, as they trust Joe just about as far as they could throw him, assured them of her vote, and Wil did the same. They were desperate to keep their ‘team’ whole, and the fact that if two people on Janelle’s team were up on the block Boogies team would control the vote sealed the deal.

In the Veto Ceremony this afternoon, Shane blindsided Boogies team by switching his nominations, taking Ashley off the block, insuring her vote, and placing Frank in her place.

Britney took Boogie aside after the Ceremony and covered their tracks by explaining that Frank is not the target and they only changed the nominations so his team wouldn’t control the three votes needed to evict.

Now, Daniele is counted as the swing vote, since the two players on either team will vote for their team member to stay. She has a busy few days ahead of her while Boogies team tries to sway her to keep Frank, and Janelle’s team puts on a show of doing the same. The likeliness that she would go against Shane is low, so the writing may be on the wall for Frank this week.

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