Shane Won Veto, Again

When we last left the intrepid houseguests, former nominee/veto winner Shane, had won the ‘On Thin Ice’ HOH Competition. Faced with nominating two people in the house, he had to wait until the Coaches Competition was over to know who he wasn’t able to target for the week. Janelle again won the ability to save one of her players and chose likely target, Wil, to be safe; a smart move, since he was a certainty to be on the block.

With the number one target on Janelle’s team unable to be nominated, Shane debated whether to split the nominations between Boogie’s and Janelle’s team, or to draw a line in the sand and nominate two people from the same team. When the feeds cut for nominations he was still undecided and after, admitted that he spent a good five minutes  debating before he placed the last key in the slot. In the end, the two nominees were Joe and Ashley, the only two players who could be nominated from Janelle’s team.

With the Veto still to be played, Janelle took the opportunity to shove herself back into Britney and Shanes’ good graces, not being subtle about it at all. Britney saying, “Oh, we’re on hugging terms, again” in that beautifully sarcastic voice after escaping Janelle is a clue how much that is working.

The chips fell today for Janelle’s players, as they all competed in the Veto Competition, the hopeful outcome (for her) was Will winning and saving Joe and forcing Shane to nominate one of Boogies’ players. Alas, that did not come to pass; Shane won the Veto for the third straight week.

Now, with all the power in his hands, Shane has many options that he can consider. The likely outcome however, is that he keeps the nominations the same. We’ll see if anything changes before the Veto Ceremony, but as of right now it looks like loud-mouthed Chef Joe will be walking out the door come Thursday.

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