Shane Won Veto

With Big Brother winding down, the final five played for Veto. Ian having nominated Shane and Jenn, the worst case scenario for the Quack Pack was Jenn winning, forcing one of their numbers to leave. That didn’t come about when Shane took the win in what sounds like a physical puzzle challenge. Lucky for him, as Dan and Danielle have been considering taking him out before Final Four. Assuming he won’t pull a Marcellas and not use the Veto on himself (though overestimating Shane is easy to do) Ian will have to choose either Danielle or Dan to take his place.

Ian has put his faith in to the Quack Pack, most specifically Dan, who he has made a Final Two deal with, breaking out the old alliance ‘the Renegades’ which got Dan to the Final Two before. Being included in the alliance (complete with the fist-bump pistol shoot ‘secret’ handshake) is a thrill for the young man, so it is unlikely he will choose Dan as the replacement nominee, leaving Danielle as the only option.

As long as the QP sticks together it doesn’t matter who is on the block next to Jenn and Shane taking himself down is no big deal. The QP will send Jenn out and duke it out in the Final Four HOH, which Ian can’t compete in, leaving him vulnerable next week. Ian, being the latecomer to the alliance of Dan and Britney’s ‘teams’, is more expendable when it comes to the end and will have to win the last Veto to ensure a spot in the Final Three

Jenn will only stay if something major goes down before eviction and the Quack Pack fractures. It seems Jenn has gotten the vibe she’s the fifth wheel and often separates herself from the four, spending time alone. Not the best game move, but understandable. Unless she has decided to play the game and is thinking of ways to stir things up (doubtful), it looks like she’ll be next to Jury.

The fact that Ian is counting on Dan as a F2 may be a big mistake for him, as it seems Dan is still fully aligned with Danielle. Not taking the chance to take out his idol now may be handing Dan the title in a week and a half.

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