Shelly & Adam Nominated

As expected after Rachel’s Veto win, she took herself and Jordan off the block and the duo of Adam and Shelly were the replacements. The only people who can vote this week are Jordan, Rachel and Kalia, and Shelly is on the bad side of at least two of the three and Kalia is suspicious of her but is aligned with both Porsche and Shelly since last week

Shelly seems to be feeling the nomination pressure most, since she burned bridges with two-thirds of the voters. She’s been concentrating on getting back on Jordan and Rachel’s good sides.  Adam however, has continued to be as happy-go-lucky as usual, knowing that if he lays low he will most likely have the votes to stay. He has given his word to Jordan that he will stick with the remaining Veterans if he stays ‘If you have any doubt, then vote me out’, he told her. If nothing changes in the next few days Shelly will be on her way to the Jury House on Thursday.

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