Slaying the Beasts

In the span of around 60 hours, the two strongest competitors in the House were eliminated and the endgame of this season became completely clear. The departures of Frankie and Caleb have set a finale that is almost assured, barring a last-second swerve. After 12 weeks and 13 evictions, we are at the point where everyone has an equal footing and chance to win.

In that same span of time, we saw two completely different approaches to campaigning to stay, and while Caleb’s attempt to stay in the game was understandable – and admirable – Frankie’s attempt sealed the opinion on what type of player and person he was in the House.

Looking at Caleb’s departure, it was understandable why he focused so clearly on loyalty. Caleb, for his occasional faults, has proven to be incredibly loyal to his perceived alliance. It is not missed that Caleb volunteered four separate times to go up on the Block in service to his alliance. Caleb was the one who, for the strength of his alliance, turned on Devin and Frankie over the course of the season. Caleb proved to be incredibly loyal to people, a trait that ultimately hurt his game but earned many fans. His goofiness, oft-mentioned ability to embellish aspects of his life and surprisingly enlightened look on several subjects, combined with an unexpected ability to be very rational in looking at game decisions, made him one of the more memorable houseguests in recent memory.

In that light, it makes sense that the only way Caleb could leave the House was via a blindside – only the second of the season, in fact. Cody’s decision to evict Caleb came as a shock to the Beast Mode Cowboy. Caleb never considered the alliance he had with Cody and Derrick to be anything less than genuine, and while this may lead to sore feelings it also led to one of the more interesting departures of the season.

This was in contrast to Frankie, whose departure followed a last-ditch campaigning that managed to do nothing less than completely alienate the remaining members of the Detonators alliance against him. Frankie attempted to threaten the remaining Houseguests by saying he was the single most powerful person in the Jury, that he could turn the remaining Jury members against all of them and that he could turn his social media followers against the rest of them. It was a desperate, last-ditch effort to stay in the House.

It floated amongst the others like a lead balloon.

Immediately the rest off the Detonators turned against Frankie, calling him out on his attempt and providing an ego drain to the “social media mogul.” The act did several things at once. It solidified Frankie in the eyes of the others as self-serving and egotistical. It clarified their vote against him, later that day. By showing it on the live show tonight, it allowed the producers to complete the “heel turn” of Frankie from “light, carefree Houseguest who also happens to be related to a pop singer” to “egotistical, vain, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, annoying, selfish windbag.”

It also, however, crystallized Frankie as one of the more memorable villains in recent Big Brother seasons. Frankie filled a role on the show, one that hadn’t truly been seen in several seasons. Frankie was a very competent game player, a strong social player for most of his run and a genuine threat to the rest of the Houseguests. Frankie became a memorable reality tv villain in the vein of a “Johnny Fairplay” of Survivor fame, and it is likely that he would be seen again in the future on the show had his diva attitude not clearly turned Production against him in the end.

Ultimately, the season now has one week remaining. Victoria, Cody and Derrick each have made it through a long and arduous season, and their performance going forward will ultimately determine who will win this season of Big Brother.


Week 13 Results:

Week 13 Head of Household: Derrick

Derrick won HoH on the “Before or After” competition, in a week where he truly needed to consolidate his power. By winning here, he guaranteed a Final Three spot and virtually locked in a Final 2 spot barring any left field antics.

Week 13 Veto Winner: Cody, Did Not Use Veto

Cody won Veto for the second week in a row, sealing the deal for Caleb’ eviction. It was also of note that his win in the “activities by Houseguests” competition was markedly better than his competition, a fact noted by Caleb as well.

Week 13 Evictee: Caleb

Caleb turned an abhorrent social game around, and proved loyal to the very end. His loyalty speech before eviction might have had a chance to turn someone else, but Cody’s decision was made days beforehand.

Week 13 Player of the Week: Cody

Cody’s Veto win and refusal to use the Veto on Caleb locked in his spot here for a second week in a row.

Week 13 Goat of the Week: Caleb

Caleb was never in the secure position he had assumed for so long, and his speech about loyalty fell upon deaf ears. His departure was assured once the veto was played, but it was planned a week beforehand.

Game Move of the Week: Derrick convinces Caleb to go up on the block a 4th time.

Derrick once again proved why he controls this season, by convincing a loyal follower to do the dirty work for him – twice. First, he convinced Caleb to go up. Second, he convinced Cody to ensue that Caleb went out. The most dangerous competition to Derrick is now out of the House.