Spencer Wins & Uses Veto – Howard, Candice & Amanda Up

Yes, you read it right – Spencer won something! In a veto puzzle challenge against Howard, America’s nominee (Amanda), Aaryn, Jessie and Candice. So the perv gets to stay another week, and someone has to go up in his place.  With Howard being the main target by Helen, through Aaryn, no biggie really, except that the obvious replacement is Candice, who started as besties with Helen and is an obvious vote for Howard to stay.

Candice, post-veto/pre-ceremony scrambled to stay off the block, cornering Helen and asking her to get Aaryn to reconsider Howard as the target. If she had made the conversation a game chat, instead of getting teary about Howard leaving, not really campaigning for herself and delving in to emotional blackmail, it wouldn’t have gone so bad. As it was, it made Helen SMOKE a CIGARETTE.

So, her being the replacement nominee was sealed, even though Helen told her she would ‘try’ to talk to Aaryn. She did; in the HOH, she said about four words, and concluded with “there, I told her I’d try”. This sums up Helens game, in a trite phrase. She tries. Everything. A lot.

Now, with the eviction looming over Amanda, Candice and Howard, there are the two targets, and Amanda – She-Who-Will-Flip-Her-Shit-if-She-is-Voted-For. With Howard telling all that he wants to self evict, to keep Candace over him, and Candy ‘Keeping it Real’::cough:HouseMeeting::cough:: anything can happen on Thursday night.

Except Amanda leaving, ‘cause she’s running that house like a mofo. Long Island Style, never being heavy-handed or loud and certainly not rubbing anyone the wrong way.


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