Summer’s First Fall

Every season of Big brother, there is that inevitable first blindside of the season. Someone is nominated that doesn’t expect to go home, and their departure turns into a storyline that ends up with ramifications for the remainder of the season. Going into tonight’s vote, those of us on the outside knew Christmas would be safe with at least 7 votes to keep her in the House.

No one, however, told this to Cody, Jessica or Jillian.

Jillian’s departure tonight was the end result of nearly two weeks in some form of being nominated – either as the person to leave due to Paul’s entrance into the House, or as a true first week nominee. That there had been some question as to her remaining in the House at all is a miracle – she hadn’t rtuly campaigned for herseslf, she was nominated against someone whow as beloved by most of the House and the reigning HoH had alienated everyone in his previous alliance by putting up her competition.

Cody and Jessica, for their parts, had moved forward with the assumption that their “alliance” would fall into place and vote the way they had wanted – and make no mistake, despite the editing on tonight’s episode the planning was shared by the both of them.Jessica had taken on a Lady Macbeth-like role in running her “team,” blinded to the players moving away from her and Cody. Cody, for his part, played a horrible Week 1 HoH social game that caused distrust amongst his peers. Alliance members Matt and mark turned away over the rest of the week, and Kevin maintained an air of secrecy that had even the producers not knowing what his vote would be until it was time.

Other teammates prior to the Veto ceremony were quickly turned – Elena, Raven and Dominique were turned off by Cody’s methods and quickly chose not to vote the way he had desired. Cody’s rash and unplanned decision to use Christmas as the replacement nomination – a move he took when his original target was ineligible for nomination – has had major ramifications in the House. It can not be overstressed – this one series of events has already turned the tide of the game.

Meanwhile, his target has slowly amassed more power and influence in the House. Paul’s social game has been iffy at times, but he pulled together a solid team to ensure Christmas’ safety going into the vote. Whether or not this remains a true alliance or one simply of convenience remains to be seen.

After another long Week One, the game has truly begun. Expect more drama as Week Two unfolds.


Week One Results:

Week One HoH: Cody

Few people have had such a disastrous HoH reign to their social game as Cody has. Blowing up his alliance was one thing, but actively turning people against him has ensured that unless Jessica wins HoH, he is likely to go home soon. All of this could have been avoided, additionally, by simply keeping his team in the loop on what his plan was going to be – instead, he played cards close to the vest that ended up busted.

Week Two Veto Winner: Alex

It says something that Alex, a player who has managed to surprise many and gain fans in the process, barely rates a mention on a recap this week. Still, she won when needed and saved herself after a nomination that Cody never seemed to be behind.

Week One Pre-evictee: Cameron

We know little about Cameron, save for what was shown on the show’s first episode. Still, he joins the ranks of those out before the game really began.

Week One Pre-evictee: Megan

Megan’s early self-eviction seemed to be the story of the season. Instead, it is almost a footnote to the antics that followed. Her biggest contribution to the game was leaving, which led to the rest of the events of the week.

Week One Eviction: Jillian

In truth, Jillian’s eviction was less about her and more about the sides of the House becoming more defined. The vote that evicted her made it clear who truly had power in the House, and who had lost it as the week went on. She didn’t campaign, she didn’t show clear understanding of the gameplay as a nominated player and she set herself up for failure.

Week One Player of the Week: Christmas

Was there ever any doubt? Christmas founght back from an early pre-week nomination, came back from an injury that broke her foot and saved herself from eviction withy extraordinary social gameplay. She can be a power player, if she makes it through the next few weeks.

Week One Goat of the Week: Cody

For reasons clearly stated before.

Week One Game Move of the Week: Paul Accepts the Temptation Offered, Guaranteeing His Safety For Three Weeks.

Given Paul’s victory as the Second HoH, this move is even more important than prior to tonight. His security and safety for the week ensures that a major in-game enemy can be taken out in either Jessica or Cody, and his work to solidify an alliance can be made rock-solid with good actions this week.