Knocking Them Down

This season of Big Brother has been defined by one major attribute – a systematic elimination of those working against the efforts of the Level 6 alliance. Rarely has a single alliance controlled a game so clearly as Level 6 – but every alliance must get a setback.

In Level 6’s case, it was a setback created from their own actions.

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Faysal’s Fizzle

From the beginning, Faysal was never quite playing the same game as the rest of the House. After being blindsided in most of the weeks he played, Faysal found a strategy that finally allowed him to know what was going to happen – evict his own teammate. It was a move made primarily for questionable reasons, and one that didn’t make sense for game reasons – indeed, the only reasons it made sense were based around Faysal’s affection for Haleigh and his viewing of Scottie as a rival.

It was that misunderstanding of the importance of game allies that put Faysal in danger, and it was this reason he sits in the Jury House now.

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Reaping The Whirlwind

In all truth, she should have seen it coming.

Bayleigh’s eviction on Thursday night capped off a week that saw house meetings, an explosive fight, rage and feelings of being persecuted – when in fact, much of the blame for Bayleigh’s eviction could only be placed at her own feet. While the ramifications of the week that was have yet to play out, we have seen a definite end to a major story of the season. However, the end of Bayleigh’s season also comes with a subtle shift in perception about this cast, and the Level 6 Alliance members find themselves in a position to lose dearly if they fail to take heed of the lessons of the past week.

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