Veto Used, Jenn & Boogie Nominated

Frank used the Veto to take himself off the block today and an unsuspecting Jenn was nominated in his place. After days of having all of their allies, including Jenn and Ashley, campaign for Dan to be the replacement nominee, Frank and Boogie are not happy (the understatement of the season) with Shane.

After the Veto Ceremony they stomped around the house, threatening and raging at Shane, stating that he’s Dans bitch, and he has now made himself the number one target in the house by screwing them over. Of course, the fact that Shane didn’t do what they wanted him to do and made a game move for himself just makes them seethe all the more.

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Frank Won Veto

Today, in the afternoon Veto Competition Frank once again came out on top. On the Block for the fourth time, he finally secured his chance to vote in a live show; something he hasn’t been able to do since entering the game. Nominated by Shane alongside Boogie, his former coach and number one ally, Frank had to win today’s Stay or Fold Counting game to stay in the house.

Some controversy did unfold before the Veto commenced, after the picking of the players Frank admitted to Boogie he palmed the House Guests Choice chip so a strong player couldn’t be chosen to play against them. Boogie was so proud.

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The Size Of The Fight In The Dog

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain

In sports, the above quote is often used to describe what has commonly been referred to as a player’s heart. The most successful athletes have had the inner drive to compete, succeed and conquer. This week showed the antithesis of that, as it was more defined by the lack of fight in Houseguests. From Janelle’s lackluster exit to Wil’s lack of real campaigning before his eventual (but not unavoidable) ouster, we saw players essentially give up in the game.

For many fans, this is sacrilege. So few people have had the opportunity to play Big Brother that anyone who is seen as “not putting their heart into it” is seen as a wasted spot, a body filling a slot that could have been filled by a true competitor. Say what you may about Mike “Boogie” Malin, but he is fully invested in getting as far as he can in the game. On the opposite end was Wil, who appeared to have mentally checked out and was ready to leave before Jury.
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Second Verse Same as the First

Frank chose to not use the Veto today, keeping his nomination of Wil and Joe the same, no big surprise. Frank, holding all the power in his hands, toyed with the idea of turning on his newly minted ‘Silent Six’ alliance and taking out one more coach by taking Joe off the block and replacing him with Dan. After debating with himself (and a number of others) about a possible backdoor of Dan, Boogie once again talked him off the ledge.

All week Boogie has been trying to make Frank look long term and not act on his fear of Dan in the game. Boogie knows that keeping the Silent Six intact will cause much less drama, distrust and chaos in the house. Even though one reason Frank wanted to put up Dan was his relationship with Boogie, citing a conversation he overheard of ‘Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd’ (he’s three), there’s no question that Boogie is still in control of Frank.
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Frank Won Veto

The ZingBot again paid a visit to the Big Brother House today in an evening Veto Competition. Surprising the housguests and assaulting them with insult after insult, he led them outside to lend a hand in adding to his ZZZZing Family – with the introduction of Baby Bot.

With Frank again sleeping upstairs and holding the HOH title, he nominated Joe and Wil for eviction. The rest of the Veto players were Ashley, Boogie and Jenn, who were drawn from the bag, along with Shane who automatically plays after winning the Veto Ticket last week. Ian acted as the host along with ZingBot, his dream position after actually playing in a ZingBot Puzzle Challenge.

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Blonde Bombshelled

Few players in this game have been as polarizing as Janelle Pierzina. After two seasons, viewers had come to either love or hate her- rarely were people inbetween. What was never in doubt before this summer was that she was one of the hardest players in the game. Janelle combined this with a game play that had strong social overtones thanks to friendships with Howie and Kaysar, and the result was a player who has been widely regarded as one of the best never to win the game.

When viewers watched Janelle this season on the feeds, it was clear something was different. Perhaps too much time had passed since her last season. Perhaps her changed perspective on life (following marriage and motherhood) had turned this once-monster player into less of a force to be reckoned with. Janelle’s investment in this season seemed weaker than in past seasons, and her game play was off all season.
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Veto Used – Frank & Janelle Up

Time to eat my words, folks; Danielle used the Veto.

The scrambling and deal making between the Veto win and the Ceremony was Big Brother at its best. Multiple alliances were formed and revealed, and the most relevant to this situation is now called the Silent Six.

After Dani won the Veto, Boogie turned his game on full blast. With Frank in peril, he knew that now was the time to form a majority alliance with the people who have been dominating competitions since day one. As Shane and Danielle are the only Veto and HOH winners to date, besides Frank himself, he set up shop in the HOH and proposed the following; a final six deal with Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane. Thus, the Silent Six was born. They whisper huddled and everything.
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The Big Red Reset Button

Strategy and planning are important parts of Big Brother. Players that have been considered fan favorites are known for their mastery of the rules of the game, and their ability to strategize and plan the demise of their enemies in the house. In that light, the game reset that occurred this week becomes all the more important when you realize that any previous Houseguest strategy now has to go out the window.

While the now-former coaches have known that this reset was a possibility for at least 2 to 3 weeks, many of the new players had no idea – or at least, didn’t think for sure it was going to happen. Because of this, any plans that they may have had have to be scrapped in favor of new alliances, new alignments and a new approach to the game – one that must include playing against former masters of the game.
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