Knocking Them Down

This season of Big Brother has been defined by one major attribute – a systematic elimination of those working against the efforts of the Level 6 alliance. Rarely has a single alliance controlled a game so clearly as Level 6 – but every alliance must get a setback.

In Level 6’s case, it was a setback created from their own actions.

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Thinning The Ranks

In Big Brother, it is not unusual to see someone target a member of their own alliance for eviction. Typically, this is done when that member of the alliance is deemed to be a risk or disloyal. This past week has been no exception, with Faysal targeting Scottie for declared disloyalty, both real and exaggerated. At times, this move has led to later success for the streamlined alliance.

This time, however, it likely signalled the death Knell of the Hive alliance – and the blame for this is entirely Faysal’s to accept.

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Bad Decisions And Worse Aim

Some of the great Heads of Household have commonalities to their HoH reign – listening to their allies, making strategic moves, anticipating how their actions would have consequences later on in the game. The poorest of HoH performances tend to have the same thing in common – hubris and overinflated ego. This season has seen fair-to-good HoH reigns, but the most recent reign of Bayleigh managed to set a low mark for performance in the HoH room – a remarkable feat, given the reign of Kaitlyn before her.

When contrasted to the play of her unknown enemy Tyler, it puts a stark contrast in game play and skill – and sets the tone for the major divide defining this season’s house.

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The Revival Of A Certain Fondness

This season has, to date, entertained heavily. With a quarter of the cast gone, Big Brother 20 has become a quick fan favorite while avoiding the pitfalls that have hurt recent seasons of play. There have been lessons that Production seems to have taken to heart, lessons that – in a lesser season – have not always been considered.

With this has come a new fondness of the show and feeds, one that can be lost quite easily if Production falls upon mistakes made in the past.

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