Britney’s Frank Rant

From the live feeds this evening, transcribed by Angel:

Britney to Danielle

“Way to go Frank, you’re right you are the best player in big brother history. Let’s see you took a chum bath for 21 hours, you got put into an effing carrot suit, you dyed yourself green, and you bench yourself for two HOH’s just to use the veto anyway. You are a mastermind. Why haven’t I just been listening to you this whole time you’re a freakin genuis.”

Danielle laughing

“You’re a freaking genius!”

Silence, Dan comes back outside

Dan “Sorry, it’s only 9:24 though”

Britney “The night is young”

Dan “It is”

Britney “Allow me to repeat what I just said.”

Dan “Whatever it was was funny because you were both smiling”

Britney “Yes Frank, you are the best player to ever play this game, you dyed yourself green, you put yourself in a carrot suit for a week, you benched yourself for the next HOH competition, and…what was his other one?”
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Dan’s Big Veto Move

During the last 24 hours what may be the best game play in Big Brother History has gone down. At the center of it all? Dan, winner of Big Brother 10, author of How to Get On Reality TV, and Big Brother strategy mastermind. It all began with 24 hours in solitary confinement. Although he was subjected to strobe lights and really annoying party ‘music’ (CBS sure didn’t break the bank on that one), Dan had one thing that nobody in the BB house gets – time to think and time to plan.

Dan went in to Solitary confinement after the Veto Competition on Saturday afternoon, and a few hours in to the confinement he stopped talking to everybody, having already played it cool with Danielle, not talking to her since Veto. Of course, Danielle took that personally. Whining to Britney that Dan was mad at her, and wondering why. Britney, thinking that Danielle was reading too much into it and playing emotionally, assured Danielle that he wasn’t mad and was just sleeping, or couldn’t hear them. Dan came out of solitary confinement in the Have Not Room, he appeared pale and shaky. Having been subjected to constant strobe lights and music made it impossible for him to actually rest, and he looked exhausted. However, at the sink he stood and gave the camera a quick wink. There was nothing wrong with Dan.
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Jenn Won Veto

After the epic Double Eviction episode on Thursday night that sent Boogie home and Ashley to Jury, Frank won yet another HOH competition and moved his stuff back upstairs. It’s been an extra fun HOH for him since he opened Pandora’s Box and was locked in while the rest of the house searched for quarters in balls so they could play the claw game in the Arcade Room. The Golden Ball was the goal and the winner, Ian, now has the new Golden Ball Veto.

In making his nominations the next day, Frank didn’t hesitate to nominate his main target Dan along with Danielle, Dan’s closest ally in the house.

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The Size Of The Fight In The Dog

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain

In sports, the above quote is often used to describe what has commonly been referred to as a player’s heart. The most successful athletes have had the inner drive to compete, succeed and conquer. This week showed the antithesis of that, as it was more defined by the lack of fight in Houseguests. From Janelle’s lackluster exit to Wil’s lack of real campaigning before his eventual (but not unavoidable) ouster, we saw players essentially give up in the game.

For many fans, this is sacrilege. So few people have had the opportunity to play Big Brother that anyone who is seen as “not putting their heart into it” is seen as a wasted spot, a body filling a slot that could have been filled by a true competitor. Say what you may about Mike “Boogie” Malin, but he is fully invested in getting as far as he can in the game. On the opposite end was Wil, who appeared to have mentally checked out and was ready to leave before Jury.
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The Big Red Reset Button

Strategy and planning are important parts of Big Brother. Players that have been considered fan favorites are known for their mastery of the rules of the game, and their ability to strategize and plan the demise of their enemies in the house. In that light, the game reset that occurred this week becomes all the more important when you realize that any previous Houseguest strategy now has to go out the window.

While the now-former coaches have known that this reset was a possibility for at least 2 to 3 weeks, many of the new players had no idea – or at least, didn’t think for sure it was going to happen. Because of this, any plans that they may have had have to be scrapped in favor of new alliances, new alignments and a new approach to the game – one that must include playing against former masters of the game.
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Turning Tides

It can often be said in the Big Brother House that the success and failure of any player’s game shifts each week much like the tide rolls in and out. Going from the zenith of power to the nadir of helplessness isn’t just a possibility, it’s an expected and somewhat regular occurrence. The years are littered with the corpses of gameplay that took “tragic falls” from one week to another, and many a player has felt the sting of Julie’s Boudoir a mere 7 days after being in “total control” of the house.

Rarely, however, has an alliance felt such a stinging rebuke as Britney’s team did in the past 7 days. From having three strong players and an alliance with a power trio to having one player remaining, Britney’s tenure as coach can only be described as having one major success so far. But what a success it is, folks.
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Lies, Damn Lies & TV Edits

Broadcast television is a powerful force in society today. It has been used to inspire, to teach and on many an occasion, to push forth an idea. When used properly, this modern version of the Bully Pulpit can be used to inspire greatness and change for the better. There is an inherent problem, however, with the Bully Pulpit- it is used to present the side of the argument that the person using it wishes to present.
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Willie Out & Shane Won Veto

Yesterday was quite an eventful day inside the Big Brother house, if not on the feeds. Trivia started in the afternoon while the Coaches Competition took place. A balancing, collecting and stacking challenge that in the end was won by Janelle, who decided to skip trading any of her players and saved Ashley from the threat of nomination.

She also won the right to choose the Have-Nots for the week, unsurprisingly targeting Team Britney making Willie, JoJo and Shane (for the second straight week) Have-Nots. One more was needed and Ian, being the ultimate good sport (crazy), volunteered to spend another week in the vortex. The good thing about being a Have-Not this week is the Americas Vote food began and now they can eat pork rinds and pudding to their hearts content.

Willie, however, didn’t take going from the HOH to the Have-Not Room very well at all. In fact, in the few minutes of feeds we saw after the Coaches Competition, he stormed around pissed off, threatened violence, and started to have a complete Big Brother meltdown. After a bit of that, he raged through the living room indiscriminately cursing the players he despised, dropping F and C bombs like they were ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Predictably, the feeds were cut off and almost four hours of trivia began.
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We all know that paranoia is a fact of life in the Big Brother house; it’s only natural in a game where players are systematically voted out by their housemates. Where friends can turn in to enemies, enemies in to friends and bedmates can stab you in the back. But it seems that this season it is hitting new levels very early, especially for one particular player: Willie Hantz, brother of Survivor Mega Villian Russel, is now in the Big Brother House. We all know that Russel had a wee problem with paranoia during his multiple stints on Survivor, and it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from… the other apple.

As the first Head of Household he was already put in a position where he was separated from the rest of the house and a known side effect of being in the HOH room is the anxiety and certainty everyone is scheming behind your back. In a game that is measured in months rather than weeks, in a confined space with no privacy and long lulls between game events, there is nothing to do but sit and think; or walk and talk; or lay and scheme.
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