All Hail The King

There is a new king in town.

After a run that saw complete domination by a small group of players, it was the undercover cop from Rhode Island who ended up taking the win. Derrick’s game play was one that ended up being respected by the Jury that had been sent thereĀ  by his moves, and his 7-2 win over Cody tonight now places him in the pantheon of Big Brother Greats that are debated as to whom is the “Best of All Time.” Continue reading “All Hail The King”

Done, By Design

It isn’t often that a week goes as smoothly for a Head of Household as it did for Derrick this week. From the beginning, every move he made to get his ultimate target out was set for success and performed by a House united in its belief that the biggest, strongest and most dangerous Houseguest of the season needed to go. One Houseguest was convinced to put himself up to ensure that this happened, and by the time the Veto Ceremony took place there was very little question how the week would end.

Indeed, for Devin the hope that he would remain in the House evaporated faster than any one could predict – and his acceptance of this loss was the icing on the cake that was delivered to feed watchers and Houseguests alike.

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Boom Boom, Pao

At the beginning of the season, two things were made pretty clear. The first was that there was a major alliance, one that was already influencing the direction of the game and was intent on eliminating the so-called “weaker” players in the House. Led by Devin and Caleb, this Alliance – known as the Bomb Squad – was planning a systematic elimination of those outside of it by nominating weaker players and pitting them against much stronger players in the Battle of the Block competition. The second was that the alliance even had an “inside player” in the form of Paola, who was willing to throw competitions in the name of safety. This strategy worked… for about 1 1/2 HoH cycles.

By the end of Devin’s HoH reign the script had changed, the Bomb Squad had essentially exploded and Paola was out of the House – and in tracing back the root cause, the reasons were timeless in the annals of failed BB alliances.

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Worst to First

In the annals of Big Brother history, there have been players whose names evoke immediate reaction. Their gameplay was so legendary, so remarkable that fans across the land remember their names to this day… as the worst players to ever be in the House. From Mike “The Godfather” of BB5 to Brian in BB10 and Keith (and by extension, the entirety of “The Regulators) in BB13, these players played or overplayed so poorly that their fellow Houseguests were given essentially a free week to slide through.

After this week, a new name has been added to this pantheon of horrible gameplay – Joey.

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